5 rules for traveling with an infant:

After a recent flight with baby Liberty, Katie and Ben have passed along some of their tips for happy traveling.
5 rules for traveling with an infant:

1. Ditch the stroller and opt for baby wearing. You are more nimble and your baby will most likely sleep all warm and snug against your chest. I love the Solly Baby wrap or a Beco. 

2. Fully stock the diaper bag.  Carry extra diapers, wipes, clothes and milk in case of a delay.  
3. Get to the airport with plenty of extra time. When you are stressed it tends to cause stress on the baby. You want to do everything you can to keep that baby happy!
4. Feed your baby on takeoff AND landing. There is extra pressure on little ears during a change in altitude and if you nurse or bottle feed your baby it can help relieve that pressure. 
5. Make sure you have food and water for yourself (especially if you're nursing) Travel can affect your milk supply so make sure you are well hydrated and have some healthy snacks on hand like nuts and dried fruit. 
What makes traveling go smoothly for you?

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