Hadley's first bath.

This beautiful family in Finland shares their really special story about giving newborn Hadley her very first bath in our Puj Tub.

Ashley says, "About a week before Hadley was born we were checking off the last items on our list of things we needed and a baby bath was one of them. We have a very tiny bathroom with zero storage, so I knew a regular baby tub was out of the question, but we still needed an alternative. We have this awesome and very large kitchen sink, and I was certainly up for bathing Hadley in there, but I wasn’t so sure that holding a newborn in the proper position and bathing her at the same time was going to be an easy task." She then found the Puj Tub and it was the perfect fit.. especially given her unexpected c-section.

We couldn't love hearing something more than this: "The Puj Tub has played a big part in making [bath time] a stress-free and pain-free experience for us."

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