in the moment.


Recently I pulled my Johnny Jump Up out of the closet to see if Liberty wanted to jump. But there was no good doorway to hang it from and so it sat there in the corner for days going unused. I had intended to nail some boards into the beautiful wood beam that runs through the kitchen and living area. But after feeling like I didn’t want to scar the beautiful wood I never followed through on my idea. That is until I realized one day that my beautiful baby girl is getting older each and every day. In a few short months she may be too old jump and before I know it I may miss my chance. That’s when I started getting emotional about how much I love her and want to enjoy this precious time I have with her as my baby. That was the day I grabbed my drill, some nails, a board, and started pounding into that beautiful wood beam. I hope it leaves a scar. I hope I never forget the smile and giggles she let out as she bounced around the kitchen while I made dinner.

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