the Puj story.

After we refined the design of the Puj Tub I decided we needed to take it to the largest Children's Products tradeshow in America. The ABC Expo in Las Vegas. We had 2 weeks to design, build, and ship a 20' x 10' booth. We decided we were going to go BOLD and do an ALL WHITE booth. While I was in the shower (that's where all the ideas come right?) I came up with the idea of building a wall with white shipping boxes. They ship flat, are affordable, and we could build the wall ourselves with no tools. We tested the idea in our garage and thought it just might work. I ordered 150 1' x 2' white boxes and shipped them directly to Vegas. We figured out a sink display with two pedestal sinks that were supported by a long narrow bookshelf Ben and the boys had already made me for Mother's Day. And most importantly, we designed the Puj logo to be suspended along the wall. After the booth was designed and shipped off, then all we had to do was get ourselves to the show, or so we thought. We missed our flight to Las Vegas, ALL of our Puj Tubs were stuck in customs, and the Fire Marshal said we had to take down our booth the night before the show started.
After a bit of searching we found another flight that was direct and had us getting into Vegas sooner. Because we missed our flight, I had 1 extra hour at the airport to get on the phone and get our tubs out of customs and on their way to Vegas. And by staying calm and talking it through with the Fire Marshal, we found a solution and our booth was approved. Phew. 
Along our journey in creating Puj, there have been so many opportunities to give up and throw in the towel. But I know when one door closes, another one opens. I have learned along this journey that roadblocks just mean there are other opportunities, probably even better ones. I just need to keep working, keep trying, and not give up.

The tradeshow was a major success. The booth was packed 4 solid days and we heard the words, "that's brilliant!" all day long. Our Puj Tub US distribution went from 21 stores to over 500. And we even picked up distribution in almost 20 countries. It would have been so easy to give up, but we believed in ourselves and we knew we could truly help parents all over the world.