tips for an easier labor.

We're believers that healthy habits can "improve your odds of having an easier, shorter labor." Although I was very active and fit during my first pregnancy, my labor was extremely drawn out and exhausting. It was stressful and I felt defeat and that recovery was slow and hard. (Of course the baby and experience, regardless, was a miracle!) As I was getting ready for my second labor/delivery experience years later, more than anything, I wanted to be more relaxed and mentally prepared and this made all the difference for me! Among knowing what to anticipate (the best and the worst), feeling more at-ease with my body and my abilities, I took nightly ginger scented baths during this second pregnancy of mine to help me physically relax and meditate. And for that smooth delivery, I remember feeling more ready, strong, peaceful... and the bath habit hasn't died over 5 years later!


While everyone has their own tips ("eat dates, sleep more, strengthen your legs"- Fit Pregnancy), we want to hear yours. How did you prepare for an easier labor?