honoring moms:

"For most women the joy and hope to one day become a mother is the biggest dream they could dream. What happens, though, when that dreams is suddenly not a reality? I never personally knew that so many women struggled with infertility and never will have the opportunity to have their own children. For one family though, that dream is becoming a reality and it’s all thanks to an amazingly selfless woman.

'She is a beautiful wife and mother of three boys already, so she is no stranger to the sacrifices that pregnancy takes on the body. I am beyond amazed by the love and excitement she shows towards this fourth pregnancy even though it’s for another family!'

I could never imagine not being able to have kids or what great lengths women would go to in these situations, but I do know this: after seeing the start of her journey to be a surrogate for another family, it truly inspires me to want to do that for someone else one day. There is no greater gift than the gift of giving and this is the biggest gift anyone could ever give to another person!..." -Alyssa [photo via]


*Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will be honoring outstanding moms by sharing a selection of essays that were submitted to Puj. Thank you for sharing your stories of moms who have inspired you!