honoring moms:


"My friend is a brand new NICU mama. Previously, nearly seven years ago, she gave up a baby (also in the NICU) up for adoption. During that time period, she kept pumping and visiting the NICU to make sure her birth child was healthy and getting everything he needed. Currently, her new son, in the NICU, is slowly growing while she does everything in her power to help. This is all happening while she continues to work and help others at the non profit she is employed with.

'She gives and gives and has not had the opportunity to experience motherhood the way it should be.'

Her loving nature helped her to give up one child and it is helping her to stay strong during this very trying time in her life." -Kelsey [image via]


****Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will be honoring outstanding moms by sharing a selection of essays that were submitted to Puj. Thank you for sharing your stories of moms who have inspired you!