Looking at this photo you'd have no idea this sweet girl has been biting me for over 2 weeks. I'm talking about biting while she is nursing (the worst kind). The first time it happened I screamed out loud and flicked her (softly) on the cheek. That has been protocol ever since. She usually let's out a cry as well. The sad cry that makes my heart ache and question if I'm doing the right thing. I have noticed her biting frequency will increase if she's hungry or needs to be changed. But often it seems she's biting just to bite and see what it feels like to have 6 teeth come in all at once. I am determined to push through, but for now I've been pumping a bit more and giving her a bottle. I think she just needs a few more days with these teeth and I'm hopeful we can ease back in to calmly nursing.

Have you found a good solution for your baby that bites?