Kelli Murray's new baby roundup:


Everything Kelli Murray creates is beautiful, including this new baby roundup of her favorite items for the first 6 weeks (and beyond)!

Our Puj Tub is right there- #5. She says: "I love this Puj Infant Tub. It’s simple to set up, fits perfectly in your sink, and can store flat on a hook behind your door." That made our day, Kelli!

See all 27 of her essentials here.

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Marnie Bergstrom
Marnie Bergstrom

August 29, 2014

I need to get a Puj tub for my next foster baby. I got a Nuna leaf just before my last baby left and I love it. So do my 6 and 8 year old who argue about who gets to sit in it next?

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