homework habit:


Homework. It may be one of the biggest ongoing subjects of stress, frustration and debate among families. What's enough time? Too much time? How to motivate them and encourage focus? With each child having a different attention span or desire or ability to learn, we loved this very simple advice:

“The idea of homework is creating a habit of sustained learning. We’re not learning when we’re being assisted by our parents. Parents need to step back from focusing on the outcome — the completed, corrected assignment — and focus on the effort.”

We're encouraged by these simple steps to creating this habit for a good, balanced life:

1. Pick a time and a place you let your child set up

2. Remove distractions

3. Set a timer! Suggestion: 10 minutes a day per grade on weekdays

4. Allow the child to close the books and walk away when the timer is done. ("A time limit helps the child to train her mind to stay on task for the set period, and putting work aside undone will encourage better focus next time.")


Would this work at your house? Have you found any helpful solutions to a positive homework experience? [NY Times: Motherlode]




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