from a father:

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We talk a lot about mothers but it's really family that means everything to us and a big part of this is dads. While every individual family and culture is so unique, we are so appreciative to be a part of a time and place where dads are choosing to play a bigger role in their children's lives. "Fatherhood expert" Timothy O'Leary shares some powerful insights about what mothers and fathers need from each other, from a less common father's perspective. He teaches us that

"we are better parents when we are in a more even state of mind."

From his experience as a father and therapist, our two sentence summary of what he has learned is: "mothers need a whole lot of support from the father (giving her his presence)" and "dads need to feel loved."

His unique wishes for dads out there:

1. "I’d wish new dads some energy"

2. "I’d wish patience"

3. "I’d wish fathers to have two kinds of knowledge: One is the kind of knowledge that helps you to understand your family’s needs better. The other kind is the knowledge of yourself that allows a dad to know what he needs right now."


Have you moms and dads found a good, "mindful" balance to building and balancing a family together- meeting each others' needs? We would love to hear from you!