what real moms say about the Puj Tub:


Brimful Shop owners Annie and Kari are moms focused on finding the best offerings for our babies and they're gushing over the Puj Tub and Puj Hug towel, "because it's truly a genius design!" Read their experience with the Puj Tub and Puj Hug towel below... and WIN both on their Instagram post today!

I gushed over the Puj Tub when I saw it, because it's truly a genius design! The Puj Tub fits nearly any size sink and cradles baby with enough water to keep them safe, yet comfortable and warm. And did I mention it unfolds to lay flat for simple drying, cleaning, and storage?!

During our visit with Katie, I noted the towel that went with the tub. But a towel is a towel, right? Wrong!

Puj's infant towel, the Puj Hug, has interlocking silicone tabs, allowing you to hang it around your neck, bathe baby with both hands, lift baby to your chest, unlatch the hooded side of the towel and wrap it around your precious little one. Bathing a slippery wet infant, often with only one hand, can be very stressful. What I love about Puj is that they have stepped in and created intuitive products that take away that stress. Annie has been using Puj's tub and infant towel since Shiloh was born, and here's her experience:

"I wish I could have had the Puj Tub and Hug with my older three, because now with Shiloh, bath time is so much easier and fun! I never wanted to invest in an infant tub before, because they were so bulky. So I resorted to bathing my babies in the sink, one hand supporting them, while the other did the washing. With the Puj Tub, bath time is a breeze. I can bathe Shiloh upstairs or down, because the tub fits both my kitchen and bathroom sinks. And with the Puj Hug around my neck, I'm never fiddling with a towel while trying to get the wet baby out of the tub. These products Katie has created truly make motherhood more enjoyable and meaningful. -Brimful


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