Esti's first bath + bubbly.

Our beautiful friend Jennifer (of the most lovely Vonbon) is experiencing parenthood for the very first time with her daughter Esti. You'll relate to her beautiful account of her new mom delirium, her insurmountable love, the heartwarming details and celebrating all of it with Esti's very first bath in the Puj Tub (and a glass of bubbly).

"For easy breezy bath time with baby, we use the Puj tub and Zoe Organics Bath Wash. This super soft compact tub fits right into your sink. It’s non-slip surface allows baby to safely and comfortably sit in the tub and you don’t have to worry about them slipping out of your hands. It’s one of my must-have baby products and I would recommend it to any new parents." -Jennifer [vonbon]

Thank you, Jennifer. xo