10 steps towards a simple 2015.



A new year just feels so great. We feel this way about all kinds of fresh starts (new babies, new routines, new shoes...). And when we think about our lives as busy people and parents, our biggest hopes and plans need focus and simplicity. What could we really accomplish if our lives had less...mess?

We will simplify this year by:


1. clearing our closets: only own what we really love- what feels and looks good. This is time saver and confidence booster!

2. meal planning: have ingredients for at least 3 dinners a week we know our family will (want to) eat! Save the stress when everyone's hungry, save money by avoiding meals out and feel excited about trying new, fresh recipes (even a simple panini).

3. morning meditation: it's amazing what 5-15 extra minutes before getting going does to clear our heads and ready us for a big day! (Think, pray, read, write, dream.)

4. prepping for school: making lunches and laying out clothes the night before helps us have a smooth morning. Less hurry and more time to enjoy breakfast and favorite tunes is such a better start for all of us!


5. not always saying 'yes': opportunities to help, be involved and simply enjoy are everywhere. It's not always necessary (or possible) to say yes and this is okay! Schedule in those school and social, etc. events that matter most and relax about not over-committing to the rest.

6. everyone pitching in: when our kids know + do their simple chores, we keep up with the trash and dishes and bed making and this makes a really big difference in our daily effort to stay clean + organized.

7. sharing: join a carpool? swap babysitting? arrange routine playdates? A shared load is a lighter load (and new friends can easily come of these kinds of arrangements. Bonus!).


8. embracing basic beauty: healthy skin and rosy cheeks and nude lips (and messy hair, too) are truly beautiful. Can less really be more? Yes! We've already rounded up our few favorite products to help take care of mom right here.

9. making lists: it just helps us so much to see what we need to get done + want to get done and prioritize those first. (Plus, getting all of it out of our heads is a relief.)

10. Pujifying!: Our brand new PhillUp is a simple, beautiful and highly functional kid cup that hangs up on your fridge. Now kids and friends can help themselves. Together we can strip away the clutter and focus on what matters most... our families!

What would you add?