3 Quick Tips For Your Best Year. Ever.

Why is our list of resolutions full of things we shouldn't do? Don't eat sugar. Don't watch so much TV. Don't procrastinate. That's no fun at all. Let's put a positive spin on our goals. Do start the day with a fresh juice. Do spend some quiet time reading before bed. Do laugh more with your kids. Do take care of yourself!

TIP 2:
Take Care of Yourself. Eat real food, drink water, move your body, take breaks and have some fun!   - Katie, founder of Puj

I have learned that by taking care of myself, I have the energy and patience I need to take care of my family. This means starting my day early with aggressive exercise, a healthy breakfast of sautéed greens & an egg, and lots of water throughout the day. I have even learned to love sparkling water because it has some fizz without all of the sugar. Pushing my body physically gives me more mental and physical energy throughout the day. This helps me stay calm and be present in those little moments. Because we all know they grow up too fast.