Hey there, new mom.

image: babble


Sometimes we just need to feel understood. 

"Hey there, new mom. I know just how you feel. It’s tiring, sure, but it’s also exciting and wonderful and you love your baby so much. Fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a wild ride! But don’t worry — there’s a lot of us here who have been through it before. That doesn’t mean your experience raising children isn’t entirely your own and 100% unique to you. I would never minimize another mother’s experience (struggle? joy? awe? fatigue?) by telling them that I’ve been through it all before. Motherhood is a singular experience." [Babble]

And the miracle and mystery of parenthood is that this applies to all of us- new moms and seasoned moms alike. We're each knee (neck?) deep is something new and significant today. True! Maybe it's a new diagnosis, a new challenge at school, a new schedule to balance, a new goal to master, a new joy to share.

"So my biggest tip for you, new mom, is to make some mom friends and keep them forever." [Babble]

You are never alone in motherhood. There's a world of us in it together! If you need to hear that today, read this full letter written to you!