I've really been wanting to...

image: Amber Rae


It can be intense- all the things we really want to take hold of! And from experience, sometimes our minds (and hearts and souls) just cannot stop thinking and hoping and passionately trying. How do you choose? Feel peace that you're doing allll you can (enjoy the process)?I've decided, "enough!" I want peace and maybe a little more hope that while some of these things I've really been wanting are all mine, some come in their own seasons, wanting or not.

To help, I've sorted my "hopes"/goals into 3 categories:

1. the things I know I'll continue to want and work towards, because it's in my nature/character. These still take effort and planning, but they're more long term traits and it helped me to be relieved of the constant strains I put on myself to be ______ today. (For example, be a mom who always reacts with teaching and patience.)

2. the 3 goals I choose to focus on daily, right now. These will probably help me become what I want in #1 and help what I hope for in #3. They are my immediate, pertinent focus. (For example, a great daily workout: boosts my energy, gives me patience, helps me feel confident, gives me focus, structures my routine.)

3. the hopes I value but are not entirely in my control right now. These must come in their own time, yet still in my heart, in my prayers, in my trying.... (For example, seeing the future I want for my family.)


Spring: maybe the perfect time to sort through these goals, accept a good challenge and really nail it! :) Who's with me?