loving our bodies.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful! The babies we carry and feed are miracles! After working so hard to nurture my babies and take care of my body before and during pregnancy, it isn't always easy to have love for the changes (sore, swollen, stretched, soft). It just takes time, work & acceptance to feel like me again...even years later. But I choose to feel as beautiful as I should (and do inside)! Sometimes it's as simple as a pedicure, colorful lips, getting ready early each morning, eating well and exercising regularly. And then this week I found a new beautiful cure! Ladies, You! Lingerie has given me this confidence to feel pretty underneath it all! For the first time, I have found nursing lingerie that is truly supportive, well made and beautiful. Like, I REALLY like it. And because I think we all deserve to feel exactly THIS, I couldn't wait to share. :)