how to live with kids.


Lately I have been working with my kids to develop good organizational habits. Our home can get turned upside down in a matter of minutes (okay, so I might be the biggest culprit). But I want a tidy home to be habit and not something we need to be reminded of. This concept is so natural for Design Mom and she just released this beautiful book sharing her many years of practical wisdom of living with kids. It is a room-by-room guide for any home with children. She is a mother of six so clearly she has a wealth of experience. I love her crossroads between fun, practical, and beautiful. She tackles every room and addresses issues like laundry room chaos, keeping a tidy fridge, and how to make room for one more dinner guest. I love her perspective and wanted to share it with you. And not only is it full of ideas and advice but she has given me the confidence that I CAN DO IT!  Do you have a room that needs to be tackled? (PS- you can order her how-to guide on Amazon)