making things with my own hands...

We think it's inspiring to think that every person and every brand we love has a beginning! Ever since I was a little child I have loved problem solving by making things with my own hands. Whether the material is wood, metal, or fabric I have always been a maker. My mother had all kinds of tools in the garage that she used to make crafts. It was growing up in this environment that ultimately inspired me to become an industrial designer. And then once I started having children it was very natural to start problem solving in the baby space. Babies require a lot of gear and I want solutions that are simple and intuitive. Bathing a baby is particularly difficult and I knew there had to be a better way. So I decided to simplify bath time with the Puj Tub. Luckily my little idea caught on quickly and know Puj is something we can share with each of you around the world!

Read more about my beginnings, my family and my brand in this month's Little Peanut Magazine.

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