how to: beautiful air dried waves



From one mom to another, we know your mornings will quickly go from newborn sleepy to especially...lively! And you want to start your day feeling fresh but sometimes drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes just cannot fit into the routine. We're all in luck! The experts are showing us how to mange the beautifully undone look from air dried hair-- it's sure to save enough time to blend up a green smoothie for yourself, too! ;)

Their "tips to help going all natural seem more intentional":

1. With this model, we had her come with air dried hair and no product. We perfected the look by selectively curling the curls around her face and the top layer. Focusing on sections of hair that dried a bit puffy and or flat. 
2. When you curl do not curl the whole piece, only curl a random part of the hair strand. (Example: On the last photo, see the front piece in front of her eye? Study how it actually has just one curl to it. We curled the lower middle part of that section. This creates a more natural undone look. 
3. Once you're done curling, go in with your hand and break up the curls.
4. Lastly, Product is key. Bring out the texture spray, dry shampoo, and even some hairspray. You need this to make you look less homeless and more fashionable! We like to throw in our choice of product both in the beginning and or end. 
5. Don't forget the root! Spray some of that dry shampoo or texturizing spray on them and break it up with your hand or brush! Its amazing the volume it gives you.