afternoon refresh

You gave your morning and your family everything you've got and now it's time for a refresh (or a catnap). Try these 5 pick-me-ups to quickly feel alert and ready to enjoy what's ahead!


snack: Forget the 2:00pm slump! Grab the right (responsible) snack for a natural boost of energy. [The Coveteur]

sip: Water doesn't need to be boring! Add fruit and herb-infused ice cubes to your glass & stay hydrated, mama! [Whole Living]

create: Refresh your mind by taking a few moments to actually do one of those many DIY projects on your Pinterest board. We love this simple herb garden to add a special touch to your family meals. [Gardenista]

mist: Is your skin looking a little dull? Give it a moisturizing spritz. The scents of rose and ylang ylang will leave your skin feeling & smelling fresh! [Puj]

listen: No need to work in silence. Keep some company and enjoy mellow (napping-friendly) tunes on this Rainy Day Reverie playlist. [Anthropologie]