mother/daughter beauty rituals with Molly Guy.

image: The Glow


Mom entrepreneur Molly Guy is the ultimate inspiration to relax and embrace mellow and meaningful! We love the peek into her mother/daughter beauty rituals with her darling girl Sunny:


"We whip up homemade face masks of greek yogurt, avocado and honey, we exfoliate with a dry skin brush (makes her giggle), we make 'scratchy-scratchy' (as she calls it) for our legs, arms and tush with raw sugar, coffee grounds and jojoba oil. Lately she's been into rubbing vitamin E oil into my C-Section scar. Getting her to take a bath these days is a Sisyphean task, but when I do, I give her a 'frissage' afterwards (her word for massage) with tons of coconut oil. And she can't wait for the morning of her third birthday—I have promised her her first manicure. She wants 'pink and purple sparkles'." -The Glow