quiet evening.

After a full day, we could all use a little rest & relaxation. Put your feet up, feel beautiful and rest easy with our favorite picks for a calm and luxurious night in.


soak: Organic coconut milk is perfect for hydrating and softening skin and leaving you smelling of natural coconut and vanilla. Deeply breathe in those soothing essential oils and enjoy! [Puj]

indulge: Gooey and naturally sweet, this guilt-free treat takes minimal effort and saves you a late night grocery store run. Time to "indulge!" [Food 52]

hydrate: Pamper your locks with a homemade mask by simply mixing coconut oil & honey. Well hello again, soft, smooth, healthy hair. [The EveryGirl]

reflect: Put down the iPhone and record a favorite memory from the day. It's an easy (and pretty!) way to keep track of those special little stories. [Puj Approved]

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