a simple, great joy.


The stories from real moms mean the very most to us! Beautiful Grace shares how bath time changed from overwhelmingly frantic to soothing and joyful with some major mama effort and the help of the Puj Flyte. "It's a simple joy, but make no mistake that it's also a great one, too." -Grace

"I used to cry those first few weeks we bathed your tiny body after brought you home from the hospital in the dead of winter. It was such a simple task, but felt like the most overwhelming thing I could be faced with at the time. It was daunting having to hold your teeny, slippery, wiggly wet body as we frantically went through each step to get you clean. We didn't have our Puj tub in those early days, so we just bathed you in a small basin on the floor. As all newborns do, you hated being naked and cold. There were moments, though, when the tears would subside for just a few quick seconds as we pour warm water over your pink skin. We took careful measure to point the heat lamp just so, get the water temps just right and everything lined up on the floor next to us so we could wrap you up, diaper, clothe and swaddle as quick as my newborn mommy hands could. But still, as soon as you came out of the water (and usually before), you would scream your tiny little lungs out. And my heart would cry. My tears would mix with yours, washing you again in a salty sea. They should warn new mamas about bath time. But with each bath, your mama and papa got better and quicker. And you got braver, facing this cold, loud, unfamiliar world you were pushed out into with more and more courage. Finally, we were able to transition into the bathroom, where I would steam the shower with the door closed first to get it nice and warm. I'd fill your little Puj Flyte with perfectly warm water and daddy would bring you to me, towel wrapped and ready to bathe. And from that time till now, you have learned to love bath time. It's become a soothing and joyful ritual that I so look forward to sharing. Instead of crying a salty river, my heart sings the happiest melody. Thanks Puj for helping us make the happiest bath time memories."