hospital bag essentials.

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Baby is on the way and you want to be beautifully prepared! For one less worry during your countdown, print our mom-approved hospital bag essentials checklist and feel especially ready. Each item has been carefully curated by Puj, for you!


Items featured above:

1. roomy tote I Puj picks: Nena and Co

2. electronics I camera, phone, chargers

3. minimal makeup I Puj picks: RMS lip2cheek stain

4. baby layette I Puj picks: Oeuf

5. toiletries I toothbrush, toothpaste and your own soaps

6. face wipes I Puj picks: The Body Shop

7. body lotion I Puj picks: Barr-Co

8. soft robe I Puj picks: Eberjey

9. baby booties I Puj picks: Nena and Co

10. travel bag I to hold all the little extras: hair ties, soft tissues, nipple cream

11. healthy snacks I replenish yourself (and your partner)

12. journal and pen I capture the memories


And don't forget:

13. cozy socks I Puj picks: Stance

14. nursing bras (2) I Puj picks: Cosabella

15. underwear I several dark pair

16. comfy clothes I prepare a luxe + loose going home outfit

17. pillow I bring your favorite from home

18. light reading I Puj picks: Darling mag

19. mints I ease your stress, help your nausea, freshen your breath

20. soothing lip balm I Puj picks: Fresh

21. thin pads I the hospital's are uncomfortably diaper-esque

22. hospital paperwork I all those logistics :)

23. pacifier I Puj picks: Natursutten

24. swaddle blanket I Puj picks: Modern Burlap

25. safe infant carseat I Puj picks: Orbit