Summer List:

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There's so much to love about summer (it's our favorite!) and we don't want to miss it. Start right here with our list of summer favorites to go & see, make, do and eat (inspired by this summer chart).


⃞ local fair

⃞ farmers market

⃞ berry picking

⃞ outdoor concert

⃞ ball game

⃞ historical site

⃞ beach camping

⃞ ice cream truck

⃞ on a roadtrip



⃞ fresh squeezed lemonade

friendship bracelets

⃞ outdoor fort


sidewalk chalk



⃞ have a picnic

⃞ see a drive-in movie

⃞ blow bubbles

⃞ hopscotch

⃞ build a sandcastle

⃞ light sparklers

⃞ family hike

⃞ water balloon fight

⃞ swing in a hammock

⃞ stargaze

⃞ swim in a lake

⃞ bike ride

⃞ throw a frisbee



⃞ specialty floats

⃞ s'mores *

⃞ watermelon on a stick *

⃞ homemade popsicles *

⃞ lobster roll

*see our Summertime Pinterest board for inspiration

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