MINI Magazine: peek into Puj HQ


Being a part of this month's issue of MINI for the modern parent is one of our summer highlights. We are excited to share a special peek into Puj HQ, from our custom tour with MINI (photo credit: Linnea Paulina Photography)

This building has a lot of meaning to me. My wish is to provide opportunities for my family and employees to learn and grow.


The space is very open and raw with lots of character throughout- like natural skylights and tall green barn doors. This is where everything at Puj happens: design, photography, prototyping, shipping, customer service, sales meetings, mommy focus groups and kid testing.

"Life as a parent can easily turn into chaos. At Puj we work really hard to strip away the extras so you are only left with the essentials."

See more in this month's MINI Magazine.

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