best baby gear for small spaces!

best baby gear for small spaces!


Shopping for the baby gear essentials is one thing. Shopping for baby gear for city living and small spaces is an entirely different thing.

"Living in the city, we’re constantly trying to make the most of our limited space, and while many baby products might be awesome in a large house, we look for items that do double duty, can easily be moved from room to room, and take up as little space as possible." -The Chicago Life Blog

Lucky for all of us, new mom and city-dweller Amelia has made her list of favorite baby gear for 0-3 months and you could win it all, including our favorite baby gear- the Puj Tub: "This sink insert makes bath time a breeze and is easily stored flat in our linen closet.  I also love how soft the foam is, as it keeps Connor’s head cushioned and makes bath time feel that much safer."




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