Here are three fun magic tricks you can do with your kids using items you already have in your home. Don't forget to record the kids' Magic Show and send it to Grandma & Grandpa. Enjoy!

Magic Tricks How To:

Trick 1: Balancing potato.
Items you will need: half potato, 2 forks, 2 matches, drinking glass.
Stick forks exactly opposite of each other into the potato. Then stick a match into potato at about a 45 degree angle from forks. Balance onto the edge of a drinking glass. Light match (this is where the adult supervision comes in) and let it burn down to the edge of the glass. Remove burned excess of the match and see how it is "magically" still balancing. Your kids won't even believe your magic balancing skills!

Trick 2: Magic Paper Lid.
Items you will need: short drinking glass, card-stock square that is wider than the rim of your glass, water, and a towel (just in case!)
Fill your short drinking glass to the tippie tippie top until it is almost overflowing (this is key to the "magic"). Lay your card-stock square onto the glass making sure it is pressed down onto the rim of the glass. Turn the glass completely upside down and....ta dah! The water stay in the glass with your Magic Paper Lid! The secret behind the magic is that the water tension from the full glass is actually keeping the paper attached.

Trick 3: Putting a Straw through a Potato.
Items you will need: russet potato, ordinary drinking straw
Hold the potato with one hand and with the straw in the other hand, shove it through the potato. That's it! You have to be fast on this one in order for it to work. You won't even believe it's possible until you try it. This is a fun and easy trick for anyone to do.

Don't forget to post your video's on YouTube so we can all see it.