Puj Nub Review by Simple Savvy Thrifty Nifty.

Puj fans, we have loved the dozens and dozens of Puj Nub photos that have been submitted during the last 2 weeks. We are so excited for the Nub to be in your homes and put to good use!

Simple Savvy Thrifty Nifty, in sharing her experience, says:

"These Nubs are soft and grippy which is prefect for those items that tend to slip off smoother hooks and hangers. I'm a huge fan of anything that will help me get a little more organized and if that "anything" happens to also be esthetically pleasing, then I call that a double win. We love these nubs."

For Nubs of your own, visit the shop here. [photo credit: simple savvy thrifty nifty]

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