Katie's family plan to keep a HAPPY HOME.

As much as we love summer, maybe some other parents are starting to feel that end-of-summer itch, where our kids are starting to get excited for school and same-aged friends and needing earlier bedtimes? After some of these harder days, Puj's own Katie came up with a family plan to keep a happy home and it's working!

This idea came about after several days of feeling like my home was getting out of control. Rather than raise my voice at the kids I decided we should talk about it together. I asked them if they noticed all of the arguing, whining and fighting as of late. Then I asked what they would like our home to be like. We talked about changes we all need to make and some principles we all can live by to make our house a happy home. Then each child grabbed a notebook and wrote down 3 principles they were going to follow in order to make our house a happy home. (My youngest child drew pictures as his list.) They each added #4: "Build up My Brother" (at my request). They signed their lists and we hung them up as a reminder to our own commitment to a happy home. I have noticed a DRASTIC improvement in the feeling in our home and my 4 year old keeps reminding his brothers, "to build up our chuthers!"