Celebrating Motherhood

Just a few months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Liberty. I knew even before she was born that I needed to share her story and the journey I've been on. I have felt for several months a strong need to share this journey. Now it is finally almost ready to share. This journey has been beautiful, and amazing, and such a blessing. 

Here are a few pictures from my birth story. 
Every time I view these images, I get to relive the beautiful moment and get to feel the same emotions I felt in that moment. It is my hope that this story of my journey will be a pivotal point in someone's life where they decide to choose for themselves the future that they want. If you enjoy the gallery and are interested to hear the rest of the story please enter your email below. This email sign up is separate from the Puj updates and will only receive project updates related to a pregnancy course that I am releasing in just a few weeks.
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Enjoy the slides below.


I am two weeks past due and starting to lose hope of going into labor on my own. The empty birthing pool propped up against the wall in my bedroom is a constant reminder that I am not in labor.

Labor starts the next morning at 4am. I am finally feeling the pain I have waited so long for. She is coming!

It feels so good to be in his arms and for a moment, escape the pain.

The pain is unbearable, but with each new contraction I know that she is getting closer.

I focus on embracing the pain and relaxing my body.

I close my eyes and listen to my body. I am designed to do this.

At first I am shivering and now I am burning up.

I close my eyes and escape for a moment.

I find a new strength knowing he is right beside me.

All of the pain and suffering is for this moment. I want to disappear. 

I push for as long as I can and then I keep pushing.

She is here!

My pain is replaced instantly with complete euphoria.

I am whole and complete.

I am overcome with joy.

Words cannot describe the joy I feel seeing my husband hold his daughter for the first time.

My firstborn holding his baby sister for the first time.

He will be her protector and teach her the joys of life.

My midwives brought peace and love to my labor and delivery. They let me take the lead and are so supportive.

She is here safe in my arms.


In just a few weeks I will be releasing a new project that I think will be a tremendous resource for expecting moms and moms to be. Here is what I expect you will get out of this project.


If you are like me, you might have some of the same questions I had:
• How do I maintain my health and strength during pregnancy?
• What foods will help me feel good and look great?
• What are my options for labor and birth methods?
• Should I have a hospital, birthing clinic, or home birth?
• Should I ask for pain medication or do a natural birth?
• Who can I go to for answers besides my mom?
• How can I stay calm, confident and relaxed as I approach my due date?


Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery are sometimes associated with negativity, anxiety and uncertainty. I hope to change all of that. 

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Love, Katie