Product Review (Treads)


Congratulations on being selected as one of our official product testers! By now you should have the bath treads in your hot little hands (if not, they should be arriving shortly). 
Here's what to do next:

1. Install the treads in bath
2. Take a bath
3. Write a review on Amazon and send us a link/URL to your review
4. Post a picture on Instagram using #pujtreads


    That's it! So let's get started...

    1. Install the Treads

    Go ahead and install the Treads following the instructions included in the treads package (also found here). It's important that you follow them exactly to ensure a proper connection between the treads and the surface of tub.

    2. Take a Bath

    Once you've installed them, give them a shot! Give the kiddos a bath and experience what bath time bliss feels like :)

    3. Write a review on Amazon

    Then it's time for the review. Below you'll find where to post the review, and also a few questions that we'd like to you to answer as part of the review. These will help consumers all over the world as they consider buying this product for themselves.

    Click here to navigate to the Bath Treads page 


    Once you’re on the product review page, first select your star rating, and then proceed to leave an honest (but awesome) review. Some questions you might want to answer are listed below. Pictures aren’t required but are a huge plus!

    • When you took the treads out of the package, did they have a toxic smell? (lots of bath mats on market today have terrible toxic odors)
    • Were the Treads easy to install? (remember to follow the installation instructions included in the treads package)
    • Are they grippy and do they provide traction for your little ones?
    • Will these be easy to keep clean? (might not have cleaned your tub yet, but you should see that cleaning the tub will be easy as you can clean right over top of treads)
    • Would you recommend this product to other parents?

    4. Post a picture on Instagram

    1. Take a picture of the treads in your bath (and your kids if you feel comfortable) and use #pujtreads

     2. Include your Instagram username along with links to both your reviews in your email, or if your Instagram profile is private, send us a screenshot of your post (on iPhone, press the home button and lock button at the same time; on Android follow the instructions here )

    Thanks again, and we can't wait to see your review!

    Puj Reviews Team



    Q. What if I didn’t purchase my Treads from Amazon? Can I still write a review?

    A. Yes! Even if you didn’t purchase an item from Amazon, Amazon encourages consumers to leave reviews since they help other

    consumers who are shopping for that same item.


    Q. I’m not on Instagram. Can I post to Facebook?

    A. Sorry, we’re limiting the social sharing just to Instagram for this campaign.