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a simple, great joy. May 22 2015, 0 Comments


The stories from real moms mean the very most to us! Beautiful Grace shares how bath time changed from overwhelmingly frantic to soothing and joyful with some major mama effort and the help of the Puj Flyte. "It's a simple joy, but make no mistake that it's also a great one, too." -Grace

"I used to cry those first few weeks we bathed your tiny body after brought you home from the hospital in the dead of winter. It was such a simple task, but felt like the most overwhelming thing I could be faced with at the time. It was daunting having to hold your teeny, slippery, wiggly wet body as we frantically went through each step to get you clean. We didn't have our Puj tub in those early days, so we just bathed you in a small basin on the floor. As all newborns do, you hated being naked and cold. There were moments, though, when the tears would subside for just a few quick seconds as we pour warm water over your pink skin. We took careful measure to point the heat lamp just so, get the water temps just right and everything lined up on the floor next to us so we could wrap you up, diaper, clothe and swaddle as quick as my newborn mommy hands could. But still, as soon as you came out of the water (and usually before), you would scream your tiny little lungs out. And my heart would cry. My tears would mix with yours, washing you again in a salty sea. They should warn new mamas about bath time. But with each bath, your mama and papa got better and quicker. And you got braver, facing this cold, loud, unfamiliar world you were pushed out into with more and more courage. Finally, we were able to transition into the bathroom, where I would steam the shower with the door closed first to get it nice and warm. I'd fill your little Puj Flyte with perfectly warm water and daddy would bring you to me, towel wrapped and ready to bathe. And from that time till now, you have learned to love bath time. It's become a soothing and joyful ritual that I so look forward to sharing. Instead of crying a salty river, my heart sings the happiest melody. Thanks Puj for helping us make the happiest bath time memories."



preparing for birth. May 21 2015, 0 Comments


"My internal mama monologue has been steadily whispering, "are we ready for this?  can i handle this?  three is a big jump from two, because hello...we will be outnumbered!"  but of course we are ready.  i am ready, and quite giddily so." -Amanda Watters

Does a mom ever feel completely ready before bringing their baby home (be it their very first or third)? Our friend Amanda shares the most inspiring thoughts about soaking up the calm, accepting help, feeling normalcy in nervousness and staying ahead of the game with preparation. And what to include in that beautiful hospital bag? She covers that, too! (We wish you a restful month, Amanda!)

Alphabet crafts. May 20 2015, 0 Comments



School is almost out (hooray for summertime!) but your kids can still have fun getting their practice in with these really chic, updated alphabet crafts. It has us singing some of the best lyrics of all time: ABC, it's easy as 1-2-3...



when is the right time: on having a baby. May 18 2015, 0 Comments

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Babies are always on our mind (either ours or yours) and we love getting to talk to other women and moms about our families: when is the right time to have a baby or how many babies do you want to have or how do you know you are ready to have a baby? These are some of life's most shaping + significant questions and hearing a variety of healthy thoughts can just be so helpful and supportive. Read how 12 real women came to their decision. [A Cup of Jo]

How did you decide what was best for your family?

simple and playful family home tour. May 14 2015, 0 Comments



Mel, mother of 3 and designer behind the Australian brand Gather, shares how she naturally (and perfectly!) merges adult-child living in her own home. See how she creates a playful space of her transformed "tiny 2 bedroom miner's cottage" with her signature organic style and crisp neutral tones. Our favorite feature? Porch swings! "Luxury in Simplicity."

play clay sweet shop. May 13 2015, 0 Comments


Mommy-me creative/play time can be the very best part of our mornings, especially on the days I have exciting new activities on the table. Really perfect for Summer, this play clay sweet shop uses simple kitchen tools, good old-fashioned play clay and is darling! Learn some tips to set up shop here. [Handmade Charlotte]

green smoothie detox pops. May 12 2015, 0 Comments


Some mornings need a little more of a boost than others and we love this fast and fresh way to eat a vitamin packed breakfast. Perfect for that mid-week re-set, moms! Get the recipe right here. [Top With Cinnamon]

your hospital bag checklist. May 07 2015, 0 Comments

image: Mother

We know you have baby on the mind! While it's so much fun to set aside the coming-home-from-hospital outfit, it's also easy to forget the other less-exciting hospital essentials that will keep you both comfortable and ready for the first couple of days as a brand new mama.

What to take and what to leave? This hospital bag checklist is complete and truly helpful.

printable Mother's Day cards. May 06 2015, 0 Comments


Say it like you mean it with these playful Mother's Day cards that can share a heartfelt thank you to any of those moms who have shaped your life and motherhood! Because real mail is always extra-special. Download a free pdf here. [Say Yes]

quiet evening. May 06 2015, 0 Comments

After a full day, we could all use a little rest & relaxation. Put your feet up, feel beautiful and rest easy with our favorite picks for a calm and luxurious night in.


soak: Organic coconut milk is perfect for hydrating and softening skin and leaving you smelling of natural coconut and vanilla. Deeply breathe in those soothing essential oils and enjoy! [Puj]

indulge: Gooey and naturally sweet, this guilt-free treat takes minimal effort and saves you a late night grocery store run. Time to "indulge!" [Food 52]

hydrate: Pamper your locks with a homemade mask by simply mixing coconut oil & honey. Well hello again, soft, smooth, healthy hair. [The EveryGirl]

reflect: Put down the iPhone and record a favorite memory from the day. It's an easy (and pretty!) way to keep track of those special little stories. [Puj Approved]

afternoon refresh May 04 2015, 0 Comments

You gave your morning and your family everything you've got and now it's time for a refresh (or a catnap). Try these 5 pick-me-ups to quickly feel alert and ready to enjoy what's ahead!


snack: Forget the 2:00pm slump! Grab the right (responsible) snack for a natural boost of energy. [The Coveteur]

sip: Water doesn't need to be boring! Add fruit and herb-infused ice cubes to your glass & stay hydrated, mama! [Whole Living]

create: Refresh your mind by taking a few moments to actually do one of those many DIY projects on your Pinterest board. We love this simple herb garden to add a special touch to your family meals. [Gardenista]

mist: Is your skin looking a little dull? Give it a moisturizing spritz. The scents of rose and ylang ylang will leave your skin feeling & smelling fresh! [Puj]

listen: No need to work in silence. Keep some company and enjoy mellow (napping-friendly) tunes on this Rainy Day Reverie playlist. [Anthropologie]

mother/daughter beauty rituals with Molly Guy. May 04 2015, 0 Comments

image: The Glow


Mom entrepreneur Molly Guy is the ultimate inspiration to relax and embrace mellow and meaningful! We love the peek into her mother/daughter beauty rituals with her darling girl Sunny:


"We whip up homemade face masks of greek yogurt, avocado and honey, we exfoliate with a dry skin brush (makes her giggle), we make 'scratchy-scratchy' (as she calls it) for our legs, arms and tush with raw sugar, coffee grounds and jojoba oil. Lately she's been into rubbing vitamin E oil into my C-Section scar. Getting her to take a bath these days is a Sisyphean task, but when I do, I give her a 'frissage' afterwards (her word for massage) with tons of coconut oil. And she can't wait for the morning of her third birthday—I have promised her her first manicure. She wants 'pink and purple sparkles'." -The Glow

windowsill herb garden. May 01 2015, 0 Comments


Warm weather (hello, May!) means simpler family meals and more hands in the kitchen. We love even a small windowsill herb garden that works in any sized home, tolerates shade and teaches the fun of growing your own food (and adding fresh mint to lemonade!). Follow this easy DIY to build your own. [Gardenista]

a 20-minute bedroom refresh. April 30 2015, 0 Comments


You've given your day your all and now it's your turn to rest and relax. Follow these simple tips for a "20-minute bedroom refresh" to be sure your space is suitable for some feel-good shut eye. (Think linen water and a fresh bedside stems. It's all in the details!) [Design Sponge]

rise and shine. April 29 2015, 0 Comments


Since mornings can feel anything but routine for new moms, we believe in the value of giving yourself some tlc to feel pretty ready for a whole new day!


nourish: cranberry orange steel cut oats are not only creamy and indulgent, but also fiber-filled, heart healthy & full of antioxidants and energy-filled B vitamins. A perfect pick-me-up! [COOKIE + kate]

pamper: Wake up with a sweet and warming blend of nourishing, exfoliating and antioxidizing citrus + vanilla for the softest, most radiant skin! [Puj]

breathe: Take 2 minutes of "me" time every hour to feel the breath in your lower belly & relax. "Simply noticing that the simple act of breathing occurs without any effort on our part can remind us – on the most visceral level – that life happens naturally on its own." [Clementine Daily]

wear: This walkabout jumper will bring out the playful you. Slip it on for style and comfort all in one. It's the easiest way to get dressed! [Hatch Collection]

spring baby gift guide! April 27 2015, 0 Comments

image: parchment and pixel


If you're feeling this year's Spring baby boom, we guessed you could use some help narrowing down the very best baby products of Spring 2015 to gift (or keep for your own baby-on-the-way!). Lucky for all of us, The Frosted Petticoat has put together the prettiest guide to have you covered from minimal baby bouncers to the very best infant bath tub gift set- The Splash!

"Puj has come up with a fantastic solution. Their Splash Newborn Bath Set is the perfect gift for any expecting parent (especially one with limited space)... Our staff absolutely loved the packaging and practicality of this product." -The Frosted Petticoat

modern macaroni necklace April 27 2015, 0 Comments


images: Mer Mag


Even (especially) modern moms love the handmade gifts from our kids and what could be more nostalgic and sentimental than a macaroni necklace? This noodle craft has been updated with giant noodles and a lovely muted color palette.

how Puj got its beginning. April 27 2015, 0 Comments


How did Puj become Puj? I'm getting candid about my very raw beginning, all starting with a dream to make beautiful things and the moment I had to "commit to take a leap." You can listen to my story as I tell it to Monica on Smart Creative Women right here.

a day in the life: the Richardsons. April 23 2015, 0 Comments


If we're passionate about anything, it's simple, mindful living- the theme and inspiration behind Zooey Magazine. We felt honored to welcome them into our home and share a peek into our typical day as a family. And what a beautiful, genuine community to be a part of! Come visit and enter to win a $150 Puj gift card right here.




kid terrariums. April 22 2015, 0 Comments


Kids love playing in the earth, so why not bring some inside? Your littles can help build a terrarium with small treasures or animals to customize their own little habitat. Learn what you need to get started on Little Peanut Magazine.

how to: beautiful air dried waves April 20 2015, 0 Comments


From one mom to another, we know your mornings will quickly go from newborn sleepy to especially...lively! And you want to start your day feeling fresh but sometimes drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes just cannot fit into the routine. We're all in luck! The experts are showing us how to mange the beautifully undone look from air dried hair-- it's sure to save enough time to blend up a green smoothie for yourself, too! ;)

Their "tips to help going all natural seem more intentional":

1. With this model, we had her come with air dried hair and no product. We perfected the look by selectively curling the curls around her face and the top layer. Focusing on sections of hair that dried a bit puffy and or flat. 
2. When you curl do not curl the whole piece, only curl a random part of the hair strand. (Example: On the last photo, see the front piece in front of her eye? Study how it actually has just one curl to it. We curled the lower middle part of that section. This creates a more natural undone look. 
3. Once you're done curling, go in with your hand and break up the curls.
4. Lastly, Product is key. Bring out the texture spray, dry shampoo, and even some hairspray. You need this to make you look less homeless and more fashionable! We like to throw in our choice of product both in the beginning and or end. 
5. Don't forget the root! Spray some of that dry shampoo or texturizing spray on them and break it up with your hand or brush! Its amazing the volume it gives you. 

8 products for independent kids! April 17 2015, 0 Comments

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8


Simplify Summer with simple, beautiful products that help your little kids do (most) things all-by-themselves!


1. bus food tray: Fun for even the pickiest eater. Fill it up and hit the road for healthy on-the-go.

2. hut hut kids: A playful interpretation of the rocking horse is a bright way to do some rocking, rolling and balancing without a playground.

3. mini backpack: This backpack knows how to pack an adventure. It's mini-sized, water-resistant, super durable and ultimately cool (little kid-proof)!

4. Native shoes: Tackling Summer? Do it in washable, waterproof, shock absorbant, odor resistant and beast free shoes they can slip on all-by-themselves!

5. nice do shampoo: They know best that a fun day is a dirty day! Get clean with shiny, soft and absolutely safe shampoo that smells like a creamsicle. Perfection!

6. big hug towel: Playful silicone loops for hanging make this kid towel extra special. Plus it's super soft, extra fluffy & perfectly fitted. Goodbye wet towels on the floor! 

7. kids sunglasses: Ready for some sun? Virtually indestructible and completely protective, these cool shades made for small faces even have a 1 year lost & found guarantee!

8. smiley toothbrush holder: Keep germs away with this fun and friendly toothbrush holder + cover. It even suctions to the mirror for quick and easy clean up.


fresh take on family photos. April 17 2015, 0 Comments


Photos of everyone together is a treasure! If I could cover my walls with these memories from the beginning through forever, I would. We are inspired by the beautiful settings and candid shots and genuine personalities and joy and creativity that just shines through the photos in this collection we've gathered. Peek for more happy inspiration.


[Yan Palmer]

making things with my own hands... April 16 2015, 0 Comments

We think it's inspiring to think that every person and every brand we love has a beginning! Ever since I was a little child I have loved problem solving by making things with my own hands. Whether the material is wood, metal, or fabric I have always been a maker. My mother had all kinds of tools in the garage that she used to make crafts. It was growing up in this environment that ultimately inspired me to become an industrial designer. And then once I started having children it was very natural to start problem solving in the baby space. Babies require a lot of gear and I want solutions that are simple and intuitive. Bathing a baby is particularly difficult and I knew there had to be a better way. So I decided to simplify bath time with the Puj Tub. Luckily my little idea caught on quickly and know Puj is something we can share with each of you around the world!

Read more about my beginnings, my family and my brand in this month's Little Peanut Magazine.