Kelli Murray's new baby roundup: August 29 2014, 0 Comments


Everything Kelli Murray creates is beautiful, including this new baby roundup of her favorite items for the first 6 weeks (and beyond)!

Our Puj Tub is right there- #5. She says: "I love this Puj Infant Tub. It’s simple to set up, fits perfectly in your sink, and can store flat on a hook behind your door." That made our day, Kelli!

See all 27 of her essentials here.

fruit roll-ups August 28 2014, 0 Comments



A big part of getting ready for back-to-school was stocking our fridge and cupboard. Kids (and our boys!) need good fuel. Fruit roll-ups were one of my childhood longings (no sugar cereals, white bread or poptarts either.. I often felt like I was missing out) and these look like a perfect, fun substitute: pure pureed, dried, fruit! If not for a lunchbox snack, I'd keep these on hand for hikes and soccer games. The recipe and tutorial is here. [Poppy Haus]

tips for a BETTER bathtime. August 27 2014, 0 Comments


9 month pregnancy watched in 6 seconds. August 26 2014, 0 Comments


This is a brilliant arrangement! A 9 month pregnancy viewed in 6 seconds. [By Vine guru Iam Padgham]

squeaky clean. August 25 2014, 0 Comments

This is beauty: brand new Scarlett, bathing in sunlight and squeaky clean. Thank you for sharing, Jessica!

[Scarlett is wrapped in a Puj Hug hands free hooded infant towel.]

20 newborn essentials. August 24 2014, 0 Comments

Thank you Orbit Baby blog for spelling out the most helpful newborn products featuring the "easy to use" Puj Tub (#9)! We share many of your favorites. [Orbit Baby blog]

Instagram picture heart wall display. August 21 2014, 0 Comments


If you're like us and catch most of your family memories on your Instagram feed, you'll probably love this Instagram picture heart display too! Such a special little addition to a nursery wall, we think. LaTonya is sharing her super quick and inexpensive DIY here. [A Beautiful Mess]

sticky face portraits. August 21 2014, 0 Comments

One of our favorite parts of childhood is self portraits! I cherish these and save them in folders for each of my boys. In lieu of back-to-school, a new creative craft project: sticky face portraits with contact paper. See right here for this mom's tips and how-to: [The Connection We Share]

simple but significant. August 19 2014, 0 Comments


We hear a lot about simplicity! Right?! Life is so busy with children and schedules and work and keeping a home and wanting to be healthy and improve ourselves and strengthen our families and occasionally reward ourselves with restful, replenishing down time. But we believe in simple! And want to do better! So, friends, how do YOU do it? (Last night we went swimming- spontaneously- and then rather than stress about the (late) planned dinner, we pulled out toast, eggs, fruit and avocado. The kids didn't know the difference and their mom was much more relaxed for a happy, on-target bedtime.)

make your own baby gym: August 19 2014, 0 Comments



Simplicity and resourcefulness are some attributes we've clung to since parenthood! So naturally we are inspired by this minimalistic baby gym that one mama created easily and inexpensively! And it's beautiful! Make your own with this DIY: Reading my Tea Leaves

back to school playlist. August 18 2014, 0 Comments



We believe that good music makes us happy! So here is a collection of our family-favorite songs for celebrating, dancing, letting loose and feeling good. Happy back-to-school!



1. Remember My Name : Yuna
2. Best Day of My Life : American Authors
3. Happy : Never Shout Never
4. Flowers in Your Hair : The Lumineers
5. On Top of The World : Imagine Dragons
6. Hey Mama : Mat Kearney
7. Boom Clap : Charli XCX
8. King and Lionheart : Of Monsters and Men
9. Safe and Sound : Capital Cities
10. Loud Pipes : Ratatat
11. Brave : Sara Bareilles
12. Lightning Bolt : Jake Bugg
13. Burn : Ellie Goulding
14. Team : Lorde
15. Get Lucky : Daft Punk
16. On the Radar : Matt the Electrician
17. Home : Phillip Phillips
18. Give it Away : Renee & Jeremy
19. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) : Ylvis

lunchbox round-up. August 15 2014, 0 Comments

Since it's the best part about school starting again, we wanted in on the fun of choosing a new lunchbox! To help your search, here are our 10 very favorites (most ready on Amazon prime):


1. Good Lunch sack : blissful blue

2. So Young : blue kick scooter

3. Milk Dot : stripe collection- blueberry

4. Takenaka : bento box- white

5. Built NY : gourmet getaway mini snack tote- big dot black and white

6. Oots : blue

7. Beatrix : dolce and panna

8. Goodbyn : hero- pink (& insulated lunch sleeve)

9. Skip Hop : zoo lunches- hippo

10. Built NY : big apple buddies- raccoon


teething popsicles. August 14 2014, 0 Comments

Parenting a teething baby breeds creativity (and desperation, sometimes) and we think these pretty teething "popsicles" are so simple and smart! By freezing water in little Dixie cups (add color if you like that), you have an instant swollen gums reliever for your sad, out-of-sorts baby. Read Liz's simple tips here. [Say Yes]

birthday memories. August 13 2014, 0 Comments

This photo (pink "4" found in a parking garage!) is the sweetest photo memory to go along with her daughter, Lily's, notables as a new four-year-old. What lucky girl and parents to be able to look back and remember these perfect details in several years! [Charla Anne blog]


How do you record your children's birthday memories?

making room for baby: August 11 2014, 0 Comments

Are you making room for baby? A little creativity goes a long way, even in very small spaces. Parents in this 600 square foot San Francisco home created a shared master bedroom + nursery nook with this amazing hanging basket from Mexico. See more of their savvy style & arranging here.




"one mother teaches more than a hundred teachers" August 11 2014, 0 Comments

image: Mother Mag

"One mother teaches more than a hundred teachers." -Jewish Proverb


This article of Ace and Jig's Cary Vaughan, mother of 2, is such a vibrant reminder of the gift that kids are, that motherhood is! Cary says of the best part of being a mother, "For me, I now know the depth of my love. I love them fiercely. Watching them grow and process the world around them. Helping shape these two to be kind, empathetic, compassionate people." Her passion is beauty and we're so grateful for the peek into her life!



biting. August 08 2014, 0 Comments


Looking at this photo you'd have no idea this sweet girl has been biting me for over 2 weeks. I'm talking about biting while she is nursing (the worst kind). The first time it happened I screamed out loud and flicked her (softly) on the cheek. That has been protocol ever since. She usually let's out a cry as well. The sad cry that makes my heart ache and question if I'm doing the right thing. I have noticed her biting frequency will increase if she's hungry or needs to be changed. But often it seems she's biting just to bite and see what it feels like to have 6 teeth come in all at once. I am determined to push through, but for now I've been pumping a bit more and giving her a bottle. I think she just needs a few more days with these teeth and I'm hopeful we can ease back in to calmly nursing.

Have you found a good solution for your baby that bites?

book shower invite. August 06 2014, 0 Comments

We love gifting 2 things the very most: Puj and baby books. Naturally, this idea of Amanda Jones' for Oh Happy Day is really clever and fun: a book shower and coordinating book invite! See the free printable here.


the complete baby registry checklist August 05 2014, 0 Comments


We're thrilled to be a part of this baby registry checklist on Lauren Conrad's site! It really is comprehensive and practical (with some personal give and take) and the perfect starting point for that exciting moment where you need to begin collecting everything for baby.

Be sure to make note of the personal product picks after editor Ilana's loads of mom-to-mom research, where she lists the Puj Tub as the infant tub of choice because "pretty much every mama friend [she] asked recommended [it]!" We'd say that's the best kind of recommendation! Thanks, Lauren Conrad + team!

puj baby August 05 2014, 0 Comments

Baby Ellis gets her first bath with big sis right by her side! (We love that finger hold.) Thank you for sharing, Auburnsoul.

"this time around" by Kelli Murray August 04 2014, 0 Comments

While we're still eager learners, maybe we've learned that the success to happy, ready parenting is being prepared for change! Constant change. We're soaking up what Kelli Muray has to say about what she's holding tight to and readying for throughout this second pregnancy:

"I feel like I am in a season of re-prioritizing.  A season of chasing after big dreams, of releasing fear,  focusing on what’s important and letting go of my own self defined pace of life.  Moving into week number thirty three here in this pregnancy, I am trying to prepare for some pretty huge life changes.  All I have known for the last three years is being a mother to my daughter.  One mouth to feed, one hand to hold, one heart to protect.  It’s been the biggest blessing and joy of my life raising her and watching her grow.  I feel like I’ve found my groove with work and being a momma to one little soul, and frankly, it’s a little overwhelming to think of how it will work with 2.  I’m not sure how to prepare, and I’m not even sure it’s something I can do.  I think once this baby boy enters our world, we will take it all in stride.  I will figure out what I can handle, and maybe, some of my desires will change."

Read her complete thoughts here. You inspire us, Kelli!

DIY feather mobile. August 04 2014, 0 Comments

Designing a nursery? We love mixing old with new and handmade with favorite, trusted boutique finds. This DIY feather mobile would be such a simple, special touch with materials from outside your front door. [Image via]

Kelli Murray for Puj Approved August 04 2014, 0 Comments

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13


Well, we really love Kelli Murray's clean, refined style and design. If you don't know her website already, she puts together lovely and inspiring collections and we are so excited that she has collaborated with us for a Kelli Murray for Puj Approved featured collection this month- inspired by her own experience as a mama of almost 2! See what she's gathered right here (and how to win one mystery item from this very collection)!

family packing list: free DOWNLOAD July 31 2014, 0 Comments


Planning a trip is so exciting! Adventuring is the fun part! But packing for a family can get detailed and tricky to remember everything you need to bring. We've created this simple checklist so you don't forget what to take with you! We hope this makes that packing step a little bit easier.


Here's what you do:

1. click the image above or right here for a free download!

2. save the pdf file

3. print

4. pack :)

Happy travels!