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food inspired baby names. January 28 2015, 0 Comments


They say we live what we love and maybe this even translates to naming our babies? We love our farm-to-table and our consumption of greens and our Michelin stars. How much love do you have for food-inspired baby names? From the now normalized (and darling) Apple, Basil and Brie to the more trending Kale, Maple and Dijon, take a look at the 29 most popular food-inspired baby names. Would you follow the trend? [Mother Mag via Time]

3 Quick Tips For Your Best Year. Ever. January 28 2015, 0 Comments

Why is our list of resolutions full of things we shouldn't do? Don't eat sugar. Don't watch so much TV. Don't procrastinate. That's no fun at all. Let's put a positive spin on our goals. Do start the day with a fresh juice. Do spend some quiet time reading before bed. Do laugh more with your kids. Do take care of yourself!

TIP 2:
Take Care of Yourself. Eat real food, drink water, move your body, take breaks and have some fun!   - Katie, founder of Puj

I have learned that by taking care of myself, I have the energy and patience I need to take care of my family. This means starting my day early with aggressive exercise, a healthy breakfast of sautéed greens & an egg, and lots of water throughout the day. I have even learned to love sparkling water because it has some fizz without all of the sugar. Pushing my body physically gives me more mental and physical energy throughout the day. This helps me stay calm and be present in those little moments. Because we all know they grow up too fast. 

3 quick tips for your best year. Ever. January 27 2015, 0 Comments

It's easy to get caught up in the hype of New Year's resolutions... and many of us end up feeling a bit discouraged by the time February rolls around. It's time to throw that guilt out of the window and replace it with meaningful changes you can smile about. Phew (doesn't that feel good!) We'd love to share three quick tips for your best year. Ever!

TIP 1:
 Know your values & priorities and stick to them at all costs, never compromise.   - Katie, founder of Puj

I'd like to tell you a story.  I decided very early on in my career that family comes first. Knowing my values really helps me to prioritize when it is difficult. Recently we scheduled a video shoot for the Puj Kickstarter campaign and had already coordinated travel locations and times with the Puj team and others. At the last minute, I realized the shoot would require me to miss my son's Christmas concert. This was not an option for me. After rearranging and rescheduling, I was able to be at his concert to see him give the best performance of his life. AND the Puj video turned out better than I could have imagined! Understanding my priorities made the decision to reschedule easy.

 It's the first time I've teared up during "Carol of the Bells".

Watch for tip #2 tomorrow!

make (mom) lunches easy. January 26 2015, 0 Comments



We love healthy and fresh and we're extra busy and maybe making lunches is one of our least favorite tasks. So this solution is pretty great: salads in a jar. How about making a week's worth of lunches for you (mom) all on a Sunday night, for example, for a delicious and simple grab-and-go when you're in the thick of it during the week? Be inspired by these ideas and tips right here. [A Beautiful Mess]

family and business. January 22 2015, 0 Comments


"While their marriage has strengthened their business, they also feel their business has strengthened their marriage."

Ben and Katie (husband and wife and founders of Puj) share one big key to Puj's success: family. Read what happens when business and family collide, in this case, and how they even feel it gives them an advantage! [Deseret News]


tried and true baby basics. January 21 2015, 0 Comments


We trust that Bel and Beau's Isobel, ready for her second baby, really knows how to pick out the best of baby basics + essentials! How does she narrow down the necessities for baby? What's her "tried and true?" See her edited list of basics and essentials including the Puj Tub right here. [Stay and Co.]

Phillup's fun in the bathroom, too! January 20 2015, 0 Comments


The world's first hangable kid cup is so helpful in the bathroom too! How will you use your Phillup? [Pre-order your #pujphillup today through February 15th right here.]


toddler valentines. January 19 2015, 0 Comments


Oh, Valentines are fun, especially when you get to be crafty and creative. Wish so many schools (and parents) saying, "no sweets!" we think these painted noodle necklaces are pretty perfect! One says, “You make me lose my noodle.” And the other says, “I’m noodles for ya’ Valentine!” That Alison [The Alison Show] is so clever!

Oh Joy loves Phillup! January 19 2015, 0 Comments


"With an active toddler and a tiny babe, anything that makes the process of keeping the dirty dishes and cups to a minimum makes my life so much easier. These crazy cute Puj Phillup cups are a new favorite for our fruit water. They hang from adhesive hooks on the fridge and make it easy for Ruby to grab when she's ready to get a drink and to hang back up for later when she's done." -Joy Cho

We love seeing little Ruby loving her very own Puj Phillup! With Joy's sweet tip of adding fresh fruit to water, drinking water is fun again! Read more of this bright "recipe" and why Phillup is Oh Joy! approved.

ALT January 17 2015, 0 Comments

Alt Giveaway

Puj founder Katie and our other favorite super-creatives are taking Salt Lake City's Altitude Summit* by storm and speaking together next week!

*(an amazing business conference for bloggers, creatives and makers)

We're making a celebration of it and giving away a $150 gift card from Puj, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Solly Baby, and Oilo! Four winners will be randomly chosen and they will get to pick the gift card of their choice in the order their names are drawn. AND BONUS, all entering will be the first to know about a special treat we're all working on together.

To enter: simply follow the instructions on the widget above! Giveaway ends Sunday night. Good luck!



baby's first year in photos. January 14 2015, 0 Comments


Can you look at these 11 snapshots and not feel so happy?! We are really loving this unique and clever and pretty amazing way to record a baby's first year. (You're beautiful baby Eloise!) [Little Meg]

photographing your pregnancy. January 13 2015, 0 Comments


You want a record of your amazing, growing baby bump, so it's time to embrace the selfie (or self-timer)! Follow these tips for photographing your pregnancy and you could also create an awesome series like this one (above). [Daily Mom]

10 steps towards a simple 2015. January 12 2015, 0 Comments


A new year just feels so great. We feel this way about all kinds of fresh starts (new babies, new routines, new shoes...). And when we think about our lives as busy people and parents, our biggest hopes and plans need focus and simplicity. What could we really accomplish if our lives had less...mess?

We will simplify this year by:


1. clearing our closets: only own what we really love- what feels and looks good. This is time saver and confidence booster!

2. meal planning: have ingredients for at least 3 dinners a week we know our family will (want to) eat! Save the stress when everyone's hungry, save money by avoiding meals out and feel excited about trying new, fresh recipes (even a simple panini).

3. morning meditation: it's amazing what 5-15 extra minutes before getting going does to clear our heads and ready us for a big day! (Think, pray, read, write, dream.)

4. prepping for school: making lunches and laying out clothes the night before helps us have a smooth morning. Less hurry and more time to enjoy breakfast and favorite tunes is such a better start for all of us!


5. not always saying 'yes': opportunities to help, be involved and simply enjoy are everywhere. It's not always necessary (or possible) to say yes and this is okay! Schedule in those school and social, etc. events that matter most and relax about not over-committing to the rest.

6. everyone pitching in: when our kids know + do their simple chores, we keep up with the trash and dishes and bed making and this makes a really big difference in our daily effort to stay clean + organized.

7. sharing: join a carpool? swap babysitting? arrange routine playdates? A shared load is a lighter load (and new friends can easily come of these kinds of arrangements. Bonus!).


8. embracing basic beauty: healthy skin and rosy cheeks and nude lips (and messy hair, too) are truly beautiful. Can less really be more? Yes! We've already rounded up our few favorite products to help take care of mom right here.

9. making lists: it just helps us so much to see what we need to get done + want to get done and prioritize those first. (Plus, getting all of it out of our heads is a relief.)

10. Pujifying!: Our brand new PhillUp is a simple, beautiful and highly functional kid cup that hangs up on your fridge. Now kids and friends can help themselves. Together we can strip away the clutter and focus on what matters most... our families!

What would you add?

Nate Berkus baby shower. January 09 2015, 0 Comments


When designers Nate Berkus and Rebecca Minkoff throw a baby shower, the details are not lacking. Our very favorite detail from this shower for twin girls is this one: guests wrote special messages to the girls on pink tags and hung them from a tree. Be inspired by more details from the shower here. [Lonny]


DIY Guess Who. January 08 2015, 0 Comments


We are a family game night kind of family and the classics are still our very favorites. So a handmade Guess Who game? We know genius when we see it! See the how-to for your customizable Guess Who right here. [Almost Makes Perfect]

stylish musts. January 07 2015, 0 Comments

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve


Style and functionality can co-exist and this super pretty roundup is the perfect evidence...and start if you're on the search for quality baby gear + essentials. [Mini Style]

mom secrets. January 06 2015, 0 Comments



I'm sure we've all wondered how new moms (of newborns!) can still look so fresh and awake? Canadian model Anna Feller shares her successful secret [The Grace Tales]. Do you have any tips to add?

“I haven’t really been sleep deprived. I think it helps to have a calm nature, sleep when your baby sleeps and having a very supportive partner is vital as well. Also take a few weeks before you have too many visitors. You just need one or two people to really help with cooking and getting the washing on while you spend that time with your partner and your baby. You will never get that time back. Don't worry too much about the housework as it isn't going anywhere! Also up the super foods in your diet and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!”

Theo's Hug. January 06 2015, 0 Comments


Bright eyed Theo is lucky and warm (and really beautiful) in his Puj Hug! His mom (of 4), Lindsay, says it's the softest and she wishes they had one for her her first 3 babies, too.

creative dwelling. January 05 2015, 0 Comments


Our beautiful mom friend Naomi welcomed her third baby, Conrad, into their lovely family and home last month. It's a treat to follow her stories if you don't already and this time, she shares a bright example of creative dwelling. Baby Conrad's mini crib fits perfectly into the corner of his sister's and brother's large-for-NewYorkCity-bedroom. [Love Taza]

It's impressive, isn't it? Lots of family love, right here. Could you do this (3 kids, 1 bedroom)?


cheers to 2015! December 31 2014, 0 Comments


2014 has been the biggest year yet at Puj. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support. Puj would not be the global company it is without all of you!

A New Year means a fresh start. I've been thinking a lot about my goals for 2015. Be more organized, eat healthier, exercise patience with the kids, etc. My list could go on and on really. But more than anything this year I want to get rid of the lingering feeling of guilt. It's almost like I have allowed guilt to become my default. I feel guilty every time I spend money. Because there was a time when a new skirt meant cutting up an old shirt to sew one. I'm disappointed in myself when I snap at the boys for wrestling and knocking down a picture frame; shattering glass all over the floor. I apologize for cold cereal dinners after a long day. I'm pretty sure you other moms (& dads :) know what I mean. I set high expectations and rather than patting myself on the back for all of my amazingness, I beat myself up for my shortcomings. (Right now I'm feeling guilty for feeling guilty, gah!

Cheers to 2015! Cheers to You! And Cheers to your sweet babies! Happy New year everyone.

relaxed family home tour. December 31 2014, 0 Comments


This relaxed and colorful family home of Swedish blogger/photographer Jenny Brandt was renovated to be lived in and there is no purpose we admire more. How about a modern nap nook? Be happily inspired by even more right here.

let's dream big! December 31 2014, 0 Comments


Confidence and positivity are exactly what we want to teach them! This simple phrase is the ultimate wall decor for inspiring all we hope for our kids! A simple DIY for the perfect mantra right here. [Le Frufru]

after bath giggles. December 30 2014, 0 Comments


After bath giggles in the Puj Hug. Always so much cuteness, @nomluna!

salted chocolate dipped mandarin slices. December 30 2014, 0 Comments



Exciting, healthy snacks are golden in our house! This recipe is winter snack perfection (in season, so easy and fresh and delicious..even to mom). Tip: would be an awesome NYE party appetizer, too. Sometimes simplest is best, right?!