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It's natural to admire the women who really seem to have and do it all-- the happiness, the daily exercise, healthy bento box lunches, homemade dinners, daily crafts and a successful career or project that develops their amazing talents. Truly, I love these kind of women and know they exist. But what we're not always seeing is what they prioritize and how they balance to outwardly look so remarkable.

"It starts with figuring out exactly what you want, being honest with yourself about how to get there, and going for it."

These "7 secrets of a mom how has it all" are the real lessons behind being that kind of power mom / woman. [Babble] I'm sure we each of our own. How do you do it?

10 ways to turn your Picky Eater into a Foodie March 18 2015, 0 Comments

We love fresh, beautiful, good food! Experiencing food can bring families together, teaches about culture and adventure and health and pleasure. If you're like us, you want all of this for your kids and even more, you want to raise foodies! Follow these 10 great tips to avoid struggles, help your picky eater, grow closer as a family and inspire future gourmets.


image: mothermag

1. Have regular family dinners

Is there any time for family meals? Even between toddlers eating early and the busy sports/school/work schedules, we hope so because the benefits are proven to be well worth the effort! Studies show that family dinners are the perfect setting for trying new foods, getting a good intake of veggies and fruit, controlling portions, promoting health and happiness, relieving stress and giving us a chance to talk (about food and life). We're in!



2. Start early

Babies are naturally adventurous with food! Proof is in the pudding (or amazing video above), as they say.

"Believe it or not, flavor shows up in utero. What mom eats finds its way into the amniotic fluid that baby swallows, and flavors like vanilla and garlic are just a few of the many flavors that can be detected in the womb. Science shows that early exposure to a variety of flavors can encourage your child to try more savory cuisine later on in life." []

Beyond your pregnancy, think outside of typical baby food during those months when solids are new and exciting and share a variety of flavors and textures (perhaps your own dinner, mashed or pureed).


image: practicing simplicity

3. Bring them shopping

Based on this foodie mom's years of research (read: family dinners), "the key to expanding kids’ palates is to bring them along with you on the weekly food shop. As the theory goes, when they select the pack of pomegranate seeds themselves — or the leeks or the avocados — they’ll be more likely to try it all at home." [-Dinner a Love Story] Plus farmer's markets and food halls and specialty shops are a true + thrilling adventure for everyone, "like another corner of the universe."


image: Sunday Suppers

4. Share the food you love

 Dad and food writer Matthew Amster-Burton says, "Food is an opportunity to have fun sharing something with your baby. It's something my daughter and I can enjoy in the same way and on the same level - it tastes good to both of us, and so we're enjoying the same experience... You're both going to have to eat anyway, and having fun with it keeps it from becoming a chore."

More than sharing, our mini-me's are learning from us, so why not teach them to love strawberry rhubarb pie for a birthday treat, anticipate steamed artichokes on special Friday nights and prefer their grilled cheese to be made with crusty bread and Fontina?

1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6

5. Use kid-friendly tableware 

What good is fun food without fun and friendly tableware? We have gathered our kid favorites to make meal time simple + cool + exciting. The Puj Phillup makes drinking water fun again and lightens your load (literally- less dishes, less mess).


image: love taza

6. Get them in the kitchen

Can they help without you losing your mind? Julie Negrin, nutritionist and kids' cooking teacher, says yes! And here's why we should try: "Mini chefs are more likely to eat what they make and become more adventurous about trying new foods. By the age of 8, they can make simple meals such as scrambled eggs. By 10 years old, they can help prepare dinner before you get home from work." Read her 9 tips on cooking with kids (and keeping your sanity) here.


image: Sweet Paul

7. Try simple, "child-proof" recipes

Creating food helps us trust it and love it! Sharing recipes that they can follow can become a fun family activity, will give them a confidence boost and teaches skills they'll use forever.

Have a look at some of our favorite resources for fresh kid-friendly recipes and meals:

image: Williams Sonoma

8. Work on those kitchen skills together

The kitchen can be so exciting for our curious kids! Rather than teach them to fear the sharp knives and hot stove, we love showing them the rising bread, the steaming rice and the colorful minced veggies. We can teach them age-appropriate tasks (while supervised and stressing safety, of course), perhaps helping with muffin liners, tossing a salad, cracking and egg, assembling a pizza, stirring a sauce, reading a recipe. Find some other age-appropriate tasks right here.


image: The Guardian

9. Have fun with manners

We like being a fun family but we also want to do ourselves (and our kids) a favor and help them learn how to be polite and gracious. Table manners don't have to be stuffy! ("No elbows on the table!") What to teach? From saying "please", using a napkin and chewing with your mouth closed to cutting with a knife and knowing which direction to pass the food, here's a helpful list for each age group.

Once you decide on your family's favorite table manners, have fun remembering! Maybe you can practice with a fancy candle lit dinner or a clever game. Then rest easy feeling confident that your kids won't be burping their abcs at the next dinner invite. 


Download our simple placemat - 19" x 13" or print small and hang on the wall as a helpful reminder!

10. Teach them how to set a table

"Setting the table is a good way to show we care about the people who will sit down to eat with us -- it's an act of dignity, respect, and love." -Martha Stewart

It's a bonus that our kids can help us with this pretty simple daily task! Do you remember which side to put the fork and spoon? Refresh your memory or learn together with Martha's setting the table guide (from soup and salad to dessert).


modern family home. March 16 2015, 0 Comments


photos: DOMAINE

This "wholly original and thoughtful" Los Angeles home is the perfect amount of creative and colorful and really exciting for fun + clever families to leave inspired by. The climbing wall (leading to the upstairs living room) has our "yes please!" vote. [DOMAINE]

healthy shamrock shake. March 16 2015, 0 Comments


We love green, always, but especially tomorrow! Start your day of right with this shake that feels indulgent but really has the very best list of natural + healthy ingredients (super greens, mint, almond milk, dates...). Happy St. Patty's day from Puj! [Hello Natural]

our favorite time together. March 11 2015, 1 Comment


"Bath time is one of our favorite times together.  As soon as Vienna hears the faucet turn on, she calms down." -Bond Girl Glam


Irina Bond has now been a new mama for 3 months and knows the especially good + useful baby products for her tiny girl Vienna. Her love for the Puj Tub runs deep. "It’s seriously ingenious," she says! It's a space saver for her small apartment, drys quickly inside her shower, sets up so simply (she'll tell you how here) and was soft and comfortable for her teeny and delicate newborn. Read her full 3-month baby update on Bond Girl Glam.

for your little leprechaun. March 10 2015, 0 Comments


Make life fun with these colorful & playful gifts for your little leprechaun.


ella & mila : tropical jungle polish

armelle : DIY lucky rainbow necklace

puj : kiwi snug spout cover

anton franz mortel : chalk set

shop bando : it girl love bobbi

swell : 9-oz bright green water bottle


gifts as good as gold. March 10 2015, 0 Comments


We've collected the most thoughtful, golden gifts just for you or your favorite lady! Lucky you / her!


makeshop : gold glitter paper garland

madewell : wishbone lariat necklace

barr co : hand and body cream

sycamore street press : where there is love there is life art card

frends : leather wrapped headphones

swell : sparkling champagne water bottle


DIY watercolor blocks. March 09 2015, 0 Comments


images: Jones Design Company


If you're on the search for a unique gift or maybe just some variety in your playroom, these DIY watercolor wood blocks are such a beautiful (and easy!) improvement on the most classic toy. Bonus: it gives you an awesome project + science experiment to do with the kids! View simple instructions here.

I've really been wanting to... March 04 2015, 0 Comments


It can be intense- all the things we really want to take hold of! And from experience, sometimes our minds (and hearts and souls) just cannot stop thinking and hoping and passionately trying. How do you choose? Feel peace that you're doing allll you can (enjoy the process)?I've decided, "enough!" I want peace and maybe a little more hope that while some of these things I've really been wanting are all mine, some come in their own seasons, wanting or not.

To help, I've sorted my "hopes"/goals into 3 categories:

1. the things I know I'll continue to want and work towards, because it's in my nature/character. These still take effort and planning, but they're more long term traits and it helped me to be relieved of the constant strains I put on myself to be ______ today. (For example, be a mom who always reacts with teaching and patience.)

2. the 3 goals I choose to focus on daily, right now. These will probably help me become what I want in #1 and help what I hope for in #3. They are my immediate, pertinent focus. (For example, a great daily workout: boosts my energy, gives me patience, helps me feel confident, gives me focus, structures my routine.)

3. the hopes I value but are not entirely in my control right now. These must come in their own time, yet still in my heart, in my prayers, in my trying.... (For example, seeing the future I want for my family.)


Spring: maybe the perfect time to sort through these goals, accept a good challenge and really nail it! :) Who's with me?

Hey there, new mom. March 03 2015, 0 Comments

image: babble


Sometimes we just need to feel understood. 

"Hey there, new mom. I know just how you feel. It’s tiring, sure, but it’s also exciting and wonderful and you love your baby so much. Fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a wild ride! But don’t worry — there’s a lot of us here who have been through it before. That doesn’t mean your experience raising children isn’t entirely your own and 100% unique to you. I would never minimize another mother’s experience (struggle? joy? awe? fatigue?) by telling them that I’ve been through it all before. Motherhood is a singular experience." [Babble]

And the miracle and mystery of parenthood is that this applies to all of us- new moms and seasoned moms alike. We're each knee (neck?) deep is something new and significant today. True! Maybe it's a new diagnosis, a new challenge at school, a new schedule to balance, a new goal to master, a new joy to share.

"So my biggest tip for you, new mom, is to make some mom friends and keep them forever." [Babble]

You are never alone in motherhood. There's a world of us in it together! If you need to hear that today, read this full letter written to you!



the most inspiring + doable kid rooms March 02 2015, 0 Comments

Are you anticipating some Spring cleaning and ready to do some kid room re-dos? Sometimes the simplest changes make the happiest spaces. See our five favorites (and why) below:


Harper's Bedroom via The Design Files

A single bright color becomes a theme and pulls everything together.

DIY House Bed via The Design Confidential

A dramatic focal point like this house daybed steals the show. (See link for an easy tutorial to make yourself for under $150).

Gorgeous, glorious wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

A wall papered wall is the superstar in this toddler's room. Such an easy way to add loads of personality!

Minimalist Bedroom via Ideas To Steal

Keeping it simple with neutral colors and minimal decor creates a fresh, inviting feel.

New Zealand Nursery via Mini Style

Creating details like a chalkboard door and hanging "closet" is a bright way to personalize the space for happy memories.


Do you want more? See a roundup of our other nursery and kid room inspiration on our Pinterest board here.

magnet wall. February 25 2015, 0 Comments

One goal as a mother is to have a house that's lived-in and comfortable and loved! Shouldn't their bedrooms be fun and creative? We think so!


A magnet wall is the really perfect (clean, beautiful) alternative to the long-trending chalkboard paint. See the simplest magnet wall DIY right here. [Oh Happy Day]

easy homemade watercolor paint. February 23 2015, 0 Comments


Do you have dried out markers at your house too? Of course you do! Re-purpose them into homemade watercolor paint. It's simple and genius, we think, and perfect for preschool painters and grade school experimenters!

Katie, instantly framed. February 23 2015, 0 Comments


We found it! The way to take our favorite digital photos and get them instantly framed (fast, simple and beautiful) to preserve forever.

All the better, Shalee, the face behind the service at Instantly Framed, is the most genuine and asked the very best questions to know Katie and Puj better. How she met her husband, Ben? The secrets to making family and business work? Are they raising mini entrepreneurs? Katie's favorite Puj product? How the Puj Tub got its beginning? What's coming next? Get all the good details in the interview with Katie right here

entrepreneurship and motherhood. February 16 2015, 0 Comments


We have a special treat! These 4 incredible women including Puj co-founder, Katie Richardson, DeNai Jones from Petunia Pickle Bottom, Annalisa Thomas from Oilo, and Elle Rowley from Solly Baby, talk about their incredible stories of business and family in this podcast. They share how they took the entrepreneurial leap and what it took to get their businesses off the ground, what daily life looks like for them today, and also how they balance their entrepreneurial drive with their #1 priority of being a mother.

We think you'll love their message! Listen here.

modern mealtime (for the kids)! February 11 2015, 0 Comments

1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 : 6

Let's have more fun in the kitchen! We have gathered our kid favorites to make meal time simple + cool + exciting. We hope the new Puj Phillup makes drinking water fun again and lightens your load (literally).


stopping the glorification of busy with Katie Richardson February 05 2015, 0 Comments


It was such a great experience to talk with Jess Lively about stopping the glorification of busy on The Lively Show podcast this week!

"I try to feed my mind, body and soul with goodness as best as I can." -Katie

Do you feel like you have more on your plate than you can handle? Maybe you're always telling the kids to "hurry, hurry, hurry." Or when people ask how you're doing you say, "Great! We are busier than ever." (Like that's a good thing :) I get to talk with Jess about how I achieve work/life balance as a mom of 4 and an entrepreneur. Come have a listen!

printable chore chart! February 04 2015, 1 Comment


As parents, don't we all want capable and confident children! We believe that building their self-esteem comes mostly by doing new things by themselves, and doing them well. What better place to teach this than at home (and help them learn to contribute to their family at the same time ;)?

So we love small chores at home: put away clean dishes, set the table, empty the kitchen trash, make your bed, check the front door for packages, play kindly, keep undies dry, hang up your kid cup... There's something for everyone. And these daily chore charts help you keep track and help them feel pretty great and independent. Download yours for free here.

"Trust me…you need/want these little cups in your life!" February 03 2015, 0 Comments

[images via Stay + Co]

Simplifying parenthood…isn’t this what we all want, and stay awake at night thinking how we can accomplish this?!  Well Puj has done it again with their new Puj PhillUp Cups!  These fabulous little cups are a huge favorite at our house.  My kids are constantly wanting to fill up their own cups (and get this…) with water!!! -Stay + Co.


It's true! A parent's life is made so much easier with the Puj Phillup! Read more about why Stay + Co says, "Trust me…you need/want these little cups in your life!"

eating green. January 30 2015, 0 Comments


Easy, healthy and fun in the kitchen? We're all over it! Eating more green in our family isn't as tricky as it sounds. Here our our favorite (tried + loved) snacks and recipes:

Katie's salad:

-baby power greens (kale, spinach, arugula)
-ripe d'anjou pear, chopped
-Toasted almond slivers
-goat cheese
-olive oil and white Balsamic vinegar
-Salt & pepper
I start by dressing the greens first with oil and vinegar. Mix well with s & p. Then add pears, almonds and goat cheese to the top.


Green breakfast bowl: Green Kitchen Stories

Kale + pineapple + almond milk smoothie: Martha Stewart

Kale + walnut pesto: Real Simple

Eggs in Bell Peppers: Healthy Recipes

Avocado toast: food 52

And for less mess and more fun in the kitchen, Introducing PhillUp. Only available here.

food inspired baby names. January 28 2015, 0 Comments


They say we live what we love and maybe this even translates to naming our babies? We love our farm-to-table and our consumption of greens and our Michelin stars. How much love do you have for food-inspired baby names? From the now normalized (and darling) Apple, Basil and Brie to the more trending Kale, Maple and Dijon, take a look at the 29 most popular food-inspired baby names. Would you follow the trend? [Mother Mag via Time]