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motivational homescreens. June 30 2015, 0 Comments


If you find yourself on your phone or computer amongst a busy day of parenting, maybe you're searching for inspiration (or a small break). We found some pretty + motivational screens to greet you that know exactly what to say: you'll get there or these are the days! Dress your tech with your favorites right here. [Design Love Fest]

the 10 best homemade ice pops. June 30 2015, 0 Comments


1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10


Making them at home just tastes especially delish. For a fun 20 minutes (or less) in the kitchen together + simple but deliciously gourmet flavors, try out one (or all!) of our 10 favorite homemade taste approved. Make, freeze, delight in, repeat!

one I key lime

two I banana berry and buttermilk

three I yogurt parfait

four I coconut pineapple yogurt

five I cereal pops

six I easy frozen yogurt + fruit

seven I cantaloupe and lime

eight I caramelized banana and coconut ice-cream

nine I frozen hot chocolate

ten I ombre grapefruit tangerine

slow parenting June 30 2015, 0 Comments

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"Slow parenting cherishes quality over quantity, being in the moment, and making meaningful connections with your family... Slow parenting is organic, it’s ever-evolving— the only essential is that families carve out time to connect."

Slow parenting is a real movement and Summer is the perfect reminder that keeping life simple really enriches us as parents and the moments our kids will hopefully remember. (Because always rushing- to put on your seatbelt, to walk quickly, to hurry back for dinner- just feels pretty lousy. And kids are so good about wanting to soak it all in at their own pace! Note taken. :) I love adventures and time with my family and I needed the refreshing reminder to allow myself to really enjoy them!

"I encourage parents to take some time to just watch their children, whether they are playing, doing homework, or eating a snack,” Duffy says. “Take a moment to drink them in. Remember and remind yourself how remarkable your children are. That pause alone, even if momentary, can drive a shift in the pace." -Boston Globe via Cup of Jo

pineapple bowling! June 30 2015, 0 Comments


Spray painting pineapples would be summer fun enough but knocking these neon pineapple pins down with a watermelon ball is a backyard party if we've ever seen one! Learn what you'll need for your own pineapple bowling here. [featurekins]

"super cool and super useful" June 30 2015, 0 Comments



As a longtime fan of Puj, and a lover of products that simplify life… I’m over the moon about their newest product- the Phillup Cup. This product is easily one of my favorites on the market right now, and wait until you try it… it’ll become one of yours too!

The Phillup solves the everyday problem that taunts me daily… cups everywhere! The never-ending process of accumulating cups that clutter my house and my dishwasher was solved in a snap when the Phillup became a part of our family. -Oilo

Read the gist of why Oilo founder Annalisa thinks the Puj Phillup is "super cool and super useful." Thanks, Annalisa.

1 hour baby quilt. June 28 2015, 0 Comments



We all dream of gifting and receiving a special homemade baby quilt but it's a mystery how most moms would find the time. Until... we came across this gorgeous modern 1 hour baby quilt tutorial. She promises quick with no binding and no quilt piecing and a technique that stands up to multiple washes. Yes, yes, yes please! [See Kate Sew]

Summer List: June 26 2015, 0 Comments

[image via Hello Fashion Blog]


There's so much to love about summer (it's our favorite!) and we don't want to miss it. Start right here with our list of summer favorites to go & see, make, do and eat (inspired by this summer chart).


⃞ local fair

⃞ farmers market

⃞ berry picking

⃞ outdoor concert

⃞ ball game

⃞ historical site

⃞ beach camping

⃞ ice cream truck

⃞ on a roadtrip



⃞ fresh squeezed lemonade

friendship bracelets

⃞ outdoor fort


sidewalk chalk



⃞ have a picnic

⃞ see a drive-in movie

⃞ blow bubbles

⃞ hopscotch

⃞ build a sandcastle

⃞ light sparklers

⃞ family hike

⃞ water balloon fight

⃞ swing in a hammock

⃞ stargaze

⃞ swim in a lake

⃞ bike ride

⃞ throw a frisbee



⃞ specialty floats

⃞ s'mores *

⃞ watermelon on a stick *

⃞ homemade popsicles *

⃞ lobster roll

*see our Summertime Pinterest board for inspiration

fruit pompoms. June 23 2015, 0 Comments


Juicy fruit is the quintessence of summer so why not plush pom pom fruit for our kids to play "food"? (Or: gift topper, diaper bag accessory, baby mobile.) Summer is full of fun. See how to make your own fruit pompoms here. [Mr Printable]

green cleaning. June 15 2015, 0 Comments

citrus garbage disposal fresheners: style me pretty


With all the time we can spend in the kitchen, let's keep cleaning it quick + super green! After all, Summer should be for more relaxing. Safe and friendly cleaners that can be made with 10 simple ingredients you probably already have on hand? Yes!- see a whole round-up right here. [Style Me Pretty]

prenatal pilates. June 15 2015, 0 Comments


images: Hello Body Pilates

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." -Joseph Pilates

If you've made it past the common early-pregnancy exhaustion and nausea, you may be looking for a safe way to feel & stay fit again. Jenny teaches us how to exercise safely + comfortably during third trimester pilates (yes, it's a thing!). Best news of all- "you can feel great, alleviating many of the common aches and discomforts that come along with growing that baby!" [Hello Body Pilates]

printable father's day gift wrap. June 15 2015, 0 Comments


Whether you found the perfect fit from our Father's Day gift guide or you are creating a dad-friendly DIY for a touch of sentiment, a special presentation is fun. After all, it's father's day! "A bit of tuxedo inspired gift wrap is the perfect way to dress up any small present for your Father this year." [Oh Happy Day]

the hot dog upgrade. June 15 2015, 0 Comments


We don't mean to feed into any cliches, but we know that lots of dads love good dogs (or chicken sausages in our house)! So if you're planning Sunday's grilling menu per his request, make it extra delicious for the whole family with these 38 new ways to top your hot dogs. Trust us! [epicurious]

easy mood lifters. June 15 2015, 0 Comments


I tend to forget that the last week of school (sitting on the edge of Summer) is one of the hardest for our kids' moods. There's just so much happening! Our home could use a boost and these easy mood lifters are timely and true...and fun (when did you finish a bed jumping or dance session without a smile?!). [Mother Mag]

popsicle memory game. June 08 2015, 0 Comments


We're planning on a freezer full of popsicles and plenty of fun, simple games this Summer, so the two combined? This Popsicle Memory game is a perfect, playful twist! See how to print and make your own game here. [Eat Drink Chic]

gender neutral gifting with Glitter Guide June 04 2015, 0 Comments

1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8

Choosing a unique shower gift is an extra-thoughtful gesture. Glitter Guide is helping us out during baby shower season with these 8 gender-neutral favorites that would delight any mom (& babe).



"This towel is such a life saver come bath time! It actually fastens around the neck, helping moms pick up and dry off slippery babes with minimal frustration." -The Glitter Guide

with-kids exercises. June 03 2015, 0 Comments


As a mom, I know how hugely valuable it is to do something for yourself each day that boosts your emotional and physical feel-goodness. But I also understand that at certain times in our lives, this is tricky and a little inflexible. So yay for Sydney's at-home, with-kids exercises right here to help anyone, anywhere work this in. Who needs weights? ;) [The Daybook]



hospital bag essentials. June 02 2015, 1 Comment

[View + Print our complete checklist here.]


Baby is on the way and you want to be beautifully prepared! For one less worry during your countdown, print our mom-approved hospital bag essentials checklist and feel especially ready. Each item has been carefully curated by Puj, for you!


Items featured above:

1. roomy tote I Puj picks: Nena and Co

2. electronics I camera, phone, chargers

3. minimal makeup I Puj picks: RMS lip2cheek stain

4. baby layette I Puj picks: Oeuf

5. toiletries I toothbrush, toothpaste and your own soaps

6. face wipes I Puj picks: The Body Shop

7. body lotion I Puj picks: Barr-Co

8. soft robe I Puj picks: Eberjey

9. baby booties I Puj picks: Nena and Co

10. travel bag I to hold all the little extras: hair ties, soft tissues, nipple cream

11. healthy snacks I replenish yourself (and your partner)

12. journal and pen I capture the memories


And don't forget:

13. cozy socks I Puj picks: Stance

14. nursing bras (2) I Puj picks: Cosabella

15. underwear I several dark pair

16. comfy clothes I prepare a luxe + loose going home outfit

17. pillow I bring your favorite from home

18. light reading I Puj picks: Darling mag

19. mints I ease your stress, help your nausea, freshen your breath

20. soothing lip balm I Puj picks: Fresh

21. thin pads I the hospital's are uncomfortably diaper-esque

22. hospital paperwork I all those logistics :)

23. pacifier I Puj picks: Natursutten

24. swaddle blanket I Puj picks: Modern Burlap

25. safe infant carseat I Puj picks: Orbit


seasonal produce guide. June 02 2015, 0 Comments


Let's imagine that the "what's for dinner" question could be so simple. What if...we prepared whatever is growing right now? (In your own garden, at your local farms.) Fresh, sometimes faster meals is a relief to a busy mom like me, especially with longer, fuller Summer days that are quickly coming. And June is a great place to start because: strawberries! This seasonal produce guide shares favorite recipes that include the various veggie or fruit star ingredients. Now, for the fun part...

motherhood photo sessions. May 26 2015, 0 Comments


It's not often we get to have our photos taken as moms, and what more beautiful way to celebrate our motherhood than intimate photo shoots with our children?! The Fox and The Sparrow calls it "a celebration of you and your femininity, motherhood, tenderness, and strength- all the things that make you beautiful." What an idea!

Would you choose to be this up close? I'm ready to wallpaper our home with motherhood photography (the favorite moments and feelings of my life, captured).

chalkboard balloons. May 26 2015, 0 Comments


With so many great things to celebrate so soon (kindergarten graduation, last day of school, thank you, teachers, pool party, summer bbq), these fun DIY chalkboard balloons say it all perfectly. [Design Improvised]

a simple, great joy. May 22 2015, 0 Comments


The stories from real moms mean the very most to us! Beautiful Grace shares how bath time changed from overwhelmingly frantic to soothing and joyful with some major mama effort and the help of the Puj Flyte. "It's a simple joy, but make no mistake that it's also a great one, too." -Grace

"I used to cry those first few weeks we bathed your tiny body after brought you home from the hospital in the dead of winter. It was such a simple task, but felt like the most overwhelming thing I could be faced with at the time. It was daunting having to hold your teeny, slippery, wiggly wet body as we frantically went through each step to get you clean. We didn't have our Puj tub in those early days, so we just bathed you in a small basin on the floor. As all newborns do, you hated being naked and cold. There were moments, though, when the tears would subside for just a few quick seconds as we pour warm water over your pink skin. We took careful measure to point the heat lamp just so, get the water temps just right and everything lined up on the floor next to us so we could wrap you up, diaper, clothe and swaddle as quick as my newborn mommy hands could. But still, as soon as you came out of the water (and usually before), you would scream your tiny little lungs out. And my heart would cry. My tears would mix with yours, washing you again in a salty sea. They should warn new mamas about bath time. But with each bath, your mama and papa got better and quicker. And you got braver, facing this cold, loud, unfamiliar world you were pushed out into with more and more courage. Finally, we were able to transition into the bathroom, where I would steam the shower with the door closed first to get it nice and warm. I'd fill your little Puj Flyte with perfectly warm water and daddy would bring you to me, towel wrapped and ready to bathe. And from that time till now, you have learned to love bath time. It's become a soothing and joyful ritual that I so look forward to sharing. Instead of crying a salty river, my heart sings the happiest melody. Thanks Puj for helping us make the happiest bath time memories."



preparing for birth. May 21 2015, 0 Comments


"My internal mama monologue has been steadily whispering, "are we ready for this?  can i handle this?  three is a big jump from two, because hello...we will be outnumbered!"  but of course we are ready.  i am ready, and quite giddily so." -Amanda Watters

Does a mom ever feel completely ready before bringing their baby home (be it their very first or third)? Our friend Amanda shares the most inspiring thoughts about soaking up the calm, accepting help, feeling normalcy in nervousness and staying ahead of the game with preparation. And what to include in that beautiful hospital bag? She covers that, too! (We wish you a restful month, Amanda!)

Alphabet crafts. May 20 2015, 0 Comments



School is almost out (hooray for summertime!) but your kids can still have fun getting their practice in with these really chic, updated alphabet crafts. It has us singing some of the best lyrics of all time: ABC, it's easy as 1-2-3...



when is the right time: on having a baby. May 18 2015, 0 Comments

photo: via

Babies are always on our mind (either ours or yours) and we love getting to talk to other women and moms about our families: when is the right time to have a baby or how many babies do you want to have or how do you know you are ready to have a baby? These are some of life's most shaping + significant questions and hearing a variety of healthy thoughts can just be so helpful and supportive. Read how 12 real women came to their decision. [A Cup of Jo]

How did you decide what was best for your family?