Roadtrip Travel Tips by Puj:

There is beauty in a family car and the freedom between where you begin and where you intend to go. “Not all those who wander are lost.” [-J. R. R. Tolkien] We wanted to share our tips for the most happy roadtrip adventuring:


The Essentials-

+ Load a basket full of car activities. It feels exciting and contains the mess. Ours includes new sticker books, Where's Waldo, notebooks, markers, Rubik's cube, wooden tic-tac-toe, a favorite chapter/storybook and car BINGO. We try to avoid anything noisy (looking at you, Bop It).

+ Pack an insulated bag with healthy snacks. We like a flexible cooler that can squeeze into tight spaces with fresh food that helps us avoid that carsick feeling! Our go-tos are apple slices, berries, baby carrots, squeezable yogurt and applesauce, dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, string cheese, pretzels and crackers. Include a couple of treats (bubble gum, gummy bears or dark chocolate covered almonds) just for fun.

+ Stay hydrated with plenty of water and avoid spills by using bottles with sports caps. Prepare for a handful of bathroom breaks.

+ Give each child one large ziplock bag for trash or carsickness.

+ Let them each bring a blanket or cuddly to help with a rest in the car (never too old!). They can also be used as a pillow or shade from the sun.

+ Bring a large container of wipes. These gentle saline Boogie Wipes double as the kitchen sink to clean up sticky fingers, spills, stuffy noses and emergency potty stops.

+ Make your rest stops fun and energetic! Stretch, run around and let them get their wiggles out while you empty trash bags and fill up water bottles.

+ Unload and vacuum the car as soon as you arrive, both coming and going. It eliminates the road trip smell and road trip clutter. (You can even pack a handheld vacuum for quick clean ups.)


The Fun-

+ Surprise them with small wrapped gifts to keep the adventure exciting. (Think finger flashlights and mini pinball.)

+ Laminate an illustrated map of your route and let them anticipate and mark exciting landmarks and pit-stops.

+ Remember & share all those car games you played as a kid: I spy, I'm going on a picnic, the license plate game... And teach them how to sing Waddaly Atcha.

+ Make a roadtrip playlist with fun, upbeat songs. This will help the drivers stay awake, too!

+ Take time to see a few sights along the road. It's often the little stops along the way that become our favorite memories from a vacation (flying the kite on the pier, walking along an old railroad track, buying a small souvenir from the roadside stand, taking a picture in the bluebonnets field).

+ Audio books are a great way to keep kids calm and happy and are pleasant for everyone. You can frequently "rent" these from your local library.

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Petunia Pickle Bottom
Petunia Pickle Bottom

July 16, 2015

What a great post!

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