Puj Hug - Baby Hooded Towel

  • Infant hooded towel
  • Safely and comfortably dry baby with both hands free
  • Towel stays secure around the neck using interlocking silicone tabs 
  • Made from thick, ultra-soft cotton
  • Hangs from Puj Nubtm (sold separately)
  • BPA-free, PVC-free silicone parts are 100% machine washable
  • The Puj Hug makes drying your baby a breeze! The Hug has two silicone tabs that interlock around the neck, allowing you to pick up your baby with two free hands.

    It’s made from thick, ultra-soft cotton and all the parts are completely machine washable. 

    Using the Hug is easy. First connect the two tabs around your neck. Then pick up baby and place them on your chest face down. Unlatch the hooded side of the towel and gently wrap it around baby’s head. The baby is now completely covered and can be safely cradled in your arms and carried to a changing table.

    My nieces love them!

    I bought two, one for my 6 year old niece and one for my 3 year old niece. They LOVE them and they were so cute running around in their towels after a bath. There were no issues in each of them being able to use it, to wrap themselves up in it, and to hang it up afterwards. The fabric is so soft and the tab at the top feels sturdy. They will work perfectly for the swimming pool this summer and they dry quickly. As an aunt I like the fact that I'm gifting a quality product that my sister will appreciate (it's not just another thing in her house to deal with - it will help her) and that the girls will love and be able to use for years. It's definitely a gift I will be giving for other nieces and nephews as well.

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