Since launching the Phillip Cup back in 2015 through a Kickstarter campaign, Puj PhillUp Cups have been a family favorite. Read the reviews for yourself here:


Heather Lee: Super helpful in cutting down the amount of cups I clean daily

Elizabeth: I got sick of washing 50 cups a day so I figured keeping this color coded to kid and out where kids can find their cup would help cut down on dirty dishes. It has helped and the cups are holding up well. They are also sticking to the fridge well. I would purchase these again!

Brianna: Our oldest is always asking for water and wants to independently get it. Once we got these and moved them to her level, it saved us so much worry for her not having to climb up to get a cup. Love this product!

iam3888: These cups are the best to create independence with my littles. I put them at arms reach and they can independently get water. No more climbing on counters or asking for water non stop. Pricey but worth it!

Darvillamarvil: These are the best for small kids. It encourages them to drink water instead of juice as it allows them to get water independently. The best part is that they keep using the same cup, so you're not constantly washing a million water cups.

Heckberfam: We were having water bottles take over an entire fridge door shelf. It was annoying, kids would put empty bottles in the fridge then wonder why it was empty next time them went for a drink. I saw these recommended on Instagram by Nap Time Kitchen and thought this would be a good solution. Now our kids are learning to one not leave water in their cups, but two to fill their own cup when thirsty.

These are just some of the great reviews the PhillUp Cups are receiving daily. Even Sara Blakely’s (founder of Spanx) husband, Jesse Itzler purchased a set from Puj for their 4 kids!

We know you will love them too!