Puj PhillUp - Hangable Kids Cups (Original Colors 2-Pack)

Each Set Includes:

  • 1 cup and 1 grippy hook in matching color

Tired Of Dirty Cup Pile-Ups? So Were We!

We were tired of the dirty cups that accumulated throughout the day with little ones. As designers, we knew we could do better. That's why we created PhillUp. 

PhillUp is a simple, beautiful and highly functional kid cup that hangs up on your fridge. Now kids and friends can help themselves. Together we can strip away the clutter and focus on what matters most... our families!

Phillup is a 2 part system: A kid friendly drinking cup and a grippy hook

  • Flexible hang loop
  • BPA & PVC free
  • Made from silicone and food-safe polypropylene
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 3M adhesive hook (sticks to glass, metal, tile and fiber glass + leaves no messy residue to clean up, typical of most adhesives)

Couldn't be happier

Love these cups! They make it so easy for my kids to get something to drink when I am busy. Plus they feel confident that they are able to get their own drink. Smaller note, they look adorable on my fridge. With three kids, we ordered a four pack and put one on their bathroom mirror for the second floor.

Great For the Whole Family

I bought 4 so every member of the family would have one. I love hanging them under the water dispenser on the fridge. Each person has their own color and they are perfect when someone just needs a quick drink of water. We have saved TONS of dirty cups and no more having to have disposable cups by the fridge. So we are saving dishes and money! Thank you for such a great idea : )

Absolutely the best! Worth every penny!

My kids always had (tons of) cups up on the counter and it drove me crazy. This is the best money we have spent! They are well made, my kids love having their own color, and my kitchen counter is no longer cluttered with cups! I highly recommend these to everyone! 5 stars from this grateful mom!

Dream come true

Found on Pinterest. Has made all the difference in our family of 5. Cutting down on clutter, dishwashing work, and I think we are drinking more water. High quality materials.


This is such a brilliant and wonderful product. I bought 8 cups and gave them to friends for their little's and we really can't get enough of them. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and the quality is fantastic. I must add that I was a little skeptical as to why they didn't use a magnet for the hooks, but I soon realized (thanks to my in-laws fridge) that a lot of newer models of refrigerators do not, in fact, have magnetic fronts. I will definitely be purchasing more cups for around the house and for gifts!

perfect fix!

i love these cups! Very good quality, easy to position and secure, and adorable! My kids can handle them easily and are very excited to have their own cup! No more dirty cups in my sink and wasted paper cups!


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