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Post a product review on & • Send us your links by emailing • Enjoy a $5.00 Puj Gift Card
BONUS: Share a photo of PhillUp on Instagram using #pujphillup for an extra $5.00

This opportunity ends soon so block out a few minutes sometime this week so you can write a review and earn $10! 

Detailed instructions are below...


1. Click here to navigate to the PhillUp page 

2. Click the link highlighted in red below (If you purchased a 4pack, this currently isn't available on but you can write a review for the 1pack or 2pack and still qualify).


3. The review process is pretty straight forward (you even get to choose your own cool secret name!). Some questions you might want to answer are listed below. Pictures aren’t required but are a huge plus!

  • Was it easy to hang the Nub?
  • Are there fewer dishes in the kitchen?
  • Do your kids drink more water?
  • Would you recommend this product to other parents?

4. Before submitting your product review, “COPY” the text from your review so you can “PASTE” it as your review on 
No need to work twice as hard!


1. Click here to navigate to the PhillUp page

2. Scroll down on the right side and click “Write a Review”. Simply copy and paste the review that you wrote for Babies R Us.

If you don’t plan on posting to Instagram, reply to this email with links to both your reviews and we’ll send you the $5 gift card.

But why stop at $5 if you’ve already come this far?



1. Earn $5 more by posting a picture of your PhillUps on Instagram and using the hashtag “pujphillup”. 

2. Include your Instagram username along with links to both your reviews in your email, or if your Instagram profile is private,

3. send us a screenshot of your post (on iPhone, press the home button and lock button at the same time; on Android follow the instructions here )

Good luck!



Q. What if I didn’t purchase my PhillUp from Babies R Us? Can I still write a review?

A. Yes! Even if you didn’t purchase an item from Babies R Us, BRU encourages consumers to leave reviews since they help other

consumers who are shopping for that same item.


Q. I’m not on Instagram. Can I post to Facebook?

A. Sorry, we’re limiting the social sharing just to Instagram for this campaign.